Disability Benefits

How Will Having My Fiancee Get A Different Address Benefit Me?

Hi Larry,
I am a 40 yr old woman on SSDI. I have 2 kids on my SSDI. The 2nd child is a 3 yo girl with my fiancée who I have told to get a different address as he has a good job and I do not want to declare his income and want to maximize my benefits.My atty told me to do this as I am fighting the ist father in family court and don't want to declare my fiancees income. How will this benefit me?


Can I Work When My Disability Benefits Convert To Regular Social Security?

I am on disability. I turn 65 in Dec. I think i switch over to social security then. I am so far in debt from trying to live on disability and paying high insurance rates for supplemental and before medicare high deductible. As much as my drs dont want me to work and its gping to be hard, i take lots of pain meds. i have to get my debt down. When it switches over can i work? I have a student loan to that is deferred right now. It might open when it changes to social security, unfortunately.


Can I Get A Lower Medicare Premium If I Qualify For Social Security's Compassionate Program?

I am under the age of 65 and get disability social security. I am charged a $500 per month Medicare premium due to my age; however, I have terminal cancer. Must I still pay the extra $500 per month until I turn 65? Since I qualify for Compassionate Program due to terminal cancer, is the income I receive from SSI nontaxable? Thank you


I'm very sorry to hear about your prognosis.