Disability Benefits

What Will Change When I Turn Age 62?

I have been receiving ssi and disability for about 6 years. I will be 62 this year. What will change when I turn 62?


If you're already receiving both Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), nothing will change simply because you're turning age 62. When you reach your full retirement age (FRA) your SSDI will convert to regular Social Security retirement benefits, but both your Social Security and SSI benefit rates will likely remain unchanged.

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Can You Give Me Any Advice?

I Bet I have the most unusual case you ever heard....filed for disability in 2012,was awarded disability in 2015. In March 2019, it was taken with no warning, due to what I believe was retribution for filing the appeal.need advice desperately have No where to turn.they took my social security Medicare, they change my onset date, Which knocks me out of my Social Security being able to draw on and my deceased husband as well.they say I am disabled 16 months later than 2015 that I owe thousands of dollars to them.

How WIll Filing For SS Retirement Benefits At Age 62 Affect My Husband's Benefits If He's Approved For SS Disability?

My husband applied for SS Disability when he was 60 and is now awaiting a hearing to determine approval or not. He is now turning 62 and we are getting ready to apply for his SS retirement benefits. How will this affect his benefits if approved for SS disability?


Can You Voluntarily Terminate Disability Benefits Just Before FRA In Order To Claim Widow's Benefits Instead?

If a person receives social security disability -- then I understand that his social security disability converts into his regular retirement social security at FRA (full retirment age) rate at FRA. The person is also a widow (his widow benefits are 1/2 of his own). Can then the person just before reaching his FRA age voluntarily get off disability so he can start receiving survivor (widow) social security benefit until age 70 and then switch to his own retirement regular social security benefit at age 70 (which is higher than FRA social security)?

Can I Go Back To 2007 For Any Disability?

had cervical neck fusion in 1996. After many years of suffering
from pain and losing jobs, in 2007 I had laminectomy and more cervical
fusions. I have C4 through C7. Since 2007, I have post laminectomy syndrome.
After my last lay-off at age 63, I was unable to work and didn’t understand
that I had disability options. At 64 I started drawing my social security. I
have had many treatments with pain meds, muscle relaxers, PT and now I will
have a spinal cord stimulator that my pain management doctor has recommended.

Can I Continue To Work Part Time And Still Get Disability Benefits?

Thank you for answering my questions. Bet helpful and a lot I still don't know.
As I said I am on the Ticket to Work Program my question is how do I stop or get off this program and can I continue to work part time? Or do i need to see my doctor and leave my job? Also, this best way to explain to them when they come at me...cause they will
Thank you for any help you can provide.


Will I Lose My Disability Benefits If I Continue Working?

58 yrs old on SSDI & on The Ticket to Work Program. Once I meet 9 month of making over the allocated amt. I can work 36 months making as much money I can. Also receive Widows SSDI. I have also sold my home making about $43,000.00 In addition to this I am purchasing my parents 2 family which I will live in one apartment. I did get an inherentertance 0f about $65,000.00 which came off the sale of the two family. I know I will have to count one rent as income, not sure how this affects me over the 36 months where I can make as much money, monthly as I can.