Disability Benefits

Why Is It Taking So Long To Process My Disability Claim?

Dear Larry,
IAM 58 , and have been fighting for my disability for four years. IAM finally on the 3 part of my claim AGAIN and then covid happened. I have CHRONIC RESPIRATORY COPD & EMPHASIMA . I have complied with all medical requests and appointments, and medical records ECT... and am STILL WAITING.... my case manager has informed me that since covid, their medical Drs are going to review all my medical records and that they would then reach a decision. That was MONTHS AGO. .PLEASE ADVISE...


Why Can't My Husband Get Disability Benefits?

This question is for my husband. He has been fighting for his disability since 2011 he can't read and write he had special education class in school. His back is broken in 3 places he has cops he has arthritis in his back and elbows and shoulders. In 2015 he went off cymbalt cold turkey which was for depression and ended up shooting himself and don't remember the accident. Now he has been diagnosed with skitzafrentic, and parionoia, I don't understand why he hasn't received it.


After I Reach FRA Can I Work Full Time Without Losing My Disabled Status?

I'm a 62 yo disabled person. After the age of 66 (FRA) can I work full-time without losing my disable status?


Yes, once you reach full retirement age (FRA) there's no limit on how much you can earn and still draw all of your benefits. If you're 62 now, though, your FRA won't be until you reach either age 66 & 6 months if you were born in 1957, or 66 & 8 months if you were born in 1958.

Can I Continue Working At Below SGA Level Without Jeopardizing My SSDI?

The rules for ssdi extended eligibility are confusing. I am unable to physically work more than $800-$1000 per month, some months even less, as my health is up and down. I'm just not well enough to earn more or go above sga. I am confused though whether or not I lose my ssdi after the EPE if I never am well enough to earn sga but do sometimes go over twp. Can a person who is disabled and unable to physically manage working/earning sga continue to work within their limitations below sga amount after EPE without jeopardizing their ssdi?

Who Do I Talk To To Get My Back Pay?

Larry, I was awarded full disability benefits in a hearing in September of 2019. The judge backdated my benefits to the last day I worked, December 15, 2015. I got a request from SSA for the paperwork surrounding my Workman's Comp resolution and agreement, which I submitted immediately because I knew that could delay my benefits. I received my award letter in November detailing my SSDI benefits going forward, along with the calculation of my back pay, less my WC award. It has been 9 months now, still no back pay.

Do I Qualify For Any SS Benefits Other Than SSDI?

Hi Larry, I worked in a reputed bank for 5 years and I contributed to SS and Medicare. While working and I had a Thyroid deace that I can't work under high air conditioning areas I need to wear a coat but the bank environment rules cannot wear anything other than what you wearing therefore I have to leave the job under medical ground. Since Are you left I did not go to any work, I depends on my husband's wage. Do I qualified for SS Benefits other than SSDI or how can I get a SS benefits.


What Happens When This Man's Wife Retires At Age 62?

If your husband is disabled and unable to work, and is collecting State Medical and SSI. He is not 62 for 2 more years and his wife doesn't work so she can care for him doesn't turn 62 for almost 4 years. The wife has a 401k plan. What happens when she retires at 62 will her husband lose his medical cause of the 401k plan or will he be covered by Medicare because of his disabilities.