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Disability Benefits

Will My Work Income Increase My Overall Social Security Payments?

I'm disabled and was in the back to work program where I submitted work income monthly which $1 was deducted from every $2 over the monthly limit my ? Social security taxes where deducted each month from my pay check as well, does this increase my over all social security payments since I paid more into the program

Thursday, March 16, 2023 - 14:24

Can I Get Retroactive Payments For My Disability Benefits That Were Suspended?

My SSDI benefits were suspended I didn't receive my continuing review paperwork so I didn't turn it in but I have since downloaded it completed it and returned it along with my work history can I reopen it using my original date that I that I submitted for SSDI to get retroactive payments?

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 - 15:50

Why Are My Disability Benefits Being Reviewed Now?

Hi Larry
I’m on DAC/Disabled Adult child benefits I started receiving SSI in December 2014 because the social security administration didn’t find me eligible for my Dad’s benefits
then 10 months later in October of 2015 I started receiving my dad’s benefits because they found me disabled before the age of 22yr old so I started receiving ssi/DAC benefits
I’m not sure if it’s SSD or SSDI
It’s always been listed as Social Security benefits

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 - 08:57

How Much Can I Make And Still Receive Social Security?

need to work and I am 69 on disability but have to get car can I or how much can I make and still receive disability

Hi. The only type of disability benefits that Social Security pays after a person reaches full retirement age (FRA) are childhood disability benefits (CDB). So, if you aren't receiving benefits based on one of your parents' Social Security earnings, then there's no limit on how much you could earn without losing your Social Security benefits.

Friday, February 3, 2023 - 07:57

Is It True That If My Wife Gets SSDI Benefits She'll Be Stuck With That Amount Even After She Reaches Her Full Retirement Age?

My wife is disabled. She is 63, as am I. She last worked 6/2020. She left her job early as she no longer was able to perform the job. At the end of 10/2022, we submitted an application for SSDI. As of today the review is about 50% complete. I'm now questioning whether we should continue it or cancel it.

Prior to opening the application, our plan was for both of us to begin SS at 66 years 10 months. She would apply for 1/2 of my SS amount as I will get over twice what she would be getting under her own.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 - 14:14

Am I Allowed To Apply For Disability Benefits?

I am a host home provider for two single adults that are disabled am I claiming income under my business name and it i don’t pay taxes because it’s a foster care thing.
Am I allowed to apply for disability? And how would this affect the income or the amount that I would receive

Hi. Yes. Anyone can apply for benefits from Social Security, regardless of whether or not they are actually eligible for benefits. Social Security must then make a determination as to whether or not the person actually qualifies for benefits.

Sunday, January 29, 2023 - 13:57
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