Disability Benefits

Will I Be Able To Get Back On Disability If I Find Out That I Can't Work?

I am 55 and I have been receiving Social Security Disability since 2013. I recently had carpal tunnel surgery and weight loss surgery and I'm at a point where I would like to try to go back to work but my disability benefits are only $485 a month after medicare payment. I'm assuming I will lose that amount which if I go back to work isn't a big deal but will I be able to get my disability when I am older or if I find out that I can't work still.


Do I Need To Do Anything When I Reach Retirement Age If I'm Already Receiving Disability Benefits?

I’m 65. At age 62, I became permanently disabled and commenced collecting Social Security Disability and I have continued to receive a check monthly ever since. Is there anything I need to do now that I am reaching retirement age? Thank you for your time.


Can I Work Part-Time 9 Months Out Of The Year And Still Collect My Disability Checks?

I receive widows disability from husband and social security disability from my own. Monthly income 1100....can I work a part time job driving school schoolbus 9 months out of the year in still collect my disability checks


Your work and earnings would almost certainly not affect either of your benefits as long as your gross wages do not exceed $1180 per month. Social Security would look at your average monthly earnings, but if you only work 9-months per year they would use a nine month average, not a 12 month average.

Do I Have To Apply For Social Security If I'm Getting Social Security Disability Benefits?

I'm on SSDD and I will be 65 in Feb. I had to retire early do to my disability at age 52. I took an offset to social security. Do I have to apply for social security at 65 or can I delay to I'm 66-68 or 70. How would that effect my retirement ? Also when I did get ssdd I was told I would have to apply for ss at age 65 and ss would give me the higher amount which probably would be ssdd.


Is My Friend Eligible For Disability?

My friend took early retirement (62). He recently became ill which messed with his mind. The DRs agree he is disabled. Is he eligible for disability?


I can't tell you whether or not your friend would be approved for Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits, but it sounds like he should probably apply and find out. To be eligible, your friend must meet the insured status requirement for SSDI and be determined to be unable to work due to a medical impairment.