Disability Benefits

Is It True That My Husband's Disability Benefits Would Convert To Regular Social Security At Age 65?

My husband begins collecting private disability insurance benefits this month at age 64 from two work policies. Our plan is to defer our respective SS retirement benefits until age 70.5 to maximize monthly benefits (I plan to work until that point). However, one of the disability insurers is requiring my husband to apply for SS disability now, which we understand will be paid to the insurer during the 4 years it is paying benefits.

Can You Cite The Code To Support That Trial Work Period Income Is Counted On The Day Earned?

I understand the Trial Work period income is counted on the day earned, not the day paid. Can you cite the code to support this?


In the Social Security Act itself, the trial work period (TWP) is covered in section 222 (https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/ssact/title02/0222.htm). However, how monthly earnings are counted is not really covered there.

Is There Any Way That I Could Increase My Benefit Rate?

I had to retire on SS Disability in 2010 at the age of 48 and unfortunately my husband had to file for disability benefits due to a car accident (brain injury) in January of 2018... Of course his benefits are significantly more than mine as he worked alot longer than I did. Is there any way at all I may be able to increase my benefit...if not now, when I reach SS age? I'm 57 in October. If so, what can I do...even with both of our small checks money is tight.
Thank you


Can You Clarify What Benefits I'm Entitled To As A Blind Person?

Hi I am legally blind since I was born and work and I became disabled under my own social security at 36 years of age, when I became disabled under my social security as a blind person and another combined condition, later I found out that I received a child support payment When I was a child because my father was incapacitated, but my mother did not complain when I turned 18 years of age that continuity as a legal blind person, I have the right to receive a benefit of a blind adult child under the benefit of my disabled father by social security since I was a child or continuit

What Will Happen When I Reach Age 62 If I'm Already Getting Disability Benefits?

I am 56 years old and have been receiving disability income since I was 35 due to a chronic illness. What happens when I turn 62?


Assuming that what you're drawing is Social Security disability benefits (SSDI), then nothing will change when you reach age 62. You'll continue for receive your SSDI benefits until your full retirement age of 67, at which time they will convert to regular Social Security retirement benefits at the same rate.

Best, Jerry

What Happens If A Person On SSDI Earns $1100 Monthly For An Extended Period Of Time?

In terms of the SSDI trial work period earnings limitation, provision regarding earnings above $880/month and “substantial” earnings as $1220/month. What happens between those two limits? I.e earnings are $1100/month for an extended period of time? Also, what happens if Sean uses all of his “Trial Work Months” and exceeds the $1220 income limitation for a period of time – would he have to reapply and recertify as disabled to begin receiving benefits again?


Can I Draw From My Deceased Father's Social Security Benefits?

I currently draw SSI I'm 37 never married can I draw from my deceased fathers social security benefits I drawer from him when I was a teenager


In order to potentially qualify for benefits on your father's Social Security record you would need to have become disabled prior to age 22. If you did, you can contact Social Security to apply for disabled adult child's benefits (https://www.ssa.gov/planners/disability/qualify.html#anchor7).

Best, Jerry