Disability Benefits

Is There Anything I Can Do To Maximize My Benefits?

Hi, thank you for your service. I am 64 and have been on SSDI since 2011. My husband is 69 and began taking SS at 65.
When I turn 65 in May, will SSDI change to SS and amount stay the same. Is there anything I can do to maximize social security?
Since my husband took SS early will I receive any benefits? Should I take those benefits now?

Thank you.


Your Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) will convert to regular retirement benefits at age 66. Your monthly rate will almost certainly stay the same at that point.

Could The Current Healthcare Bills Affect My Son's Disability Payments?

Dear Larry,

I have a 27 year-old son who, when he reached the age of 27 and I could no longer cover him with Insurance, filed for and is now receiving Social Security Disability. He is also on Medicaid for a condition I'd rather not disclose here. My question is: Under either the proposed Healthcare Bill from the House or the one from the Senate currently on the table, is his Disability payment in jeopardy. I know that his Medicaid is, but am curious as to how his Disability might also be affected.

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How Can I Maximize My Social Security Disability?

Larry, How can I maximize my social security disability?


I can't answer your question without more information. Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) are calculated based on an average of a variable number of a person's highest years of wage-indexed earnings. The number of years used in the average depends on the person's age at the time they became disabled.

Should My Mother Be Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits?

Hi Larry. My mom was a teacher for the State of Ohio for the past 13 years. Prior to that, she paid into Social Security through jobs she worked her entire adult life. But during her last 13 years of work, she paid into the Ohio pension system, not SS. About nine months ago (she was then 64), she was hospitalized and we began to understand that she has early-onset dementia, a diagnosis that took months of testing to verify. She can't work and we've had to move her into assisted living. The decline has been rapid, and we're still trying to get her benefits.

How Can I Know If My Father's Disabilty Benefits Have Converted To Retirement Benefits?

How can I know if my father's SSI and SSDI benefits have converted to Social Security Retirements benefits? He is turning 67 this August. He understood from a letter he received that if he applied for retirement he would only received what he is entitle do to his benefits (which is only $300) but he would loose is SSDI income.
Thank you.


What's The Real Deal?

My horrible situation started years ago when my now deceased husband got sick with liver disease. I / we finally won his case in federal court at age 53 we were together for 25 years married 12. I got hurt on the job 3 accidents and after the 3rd on e made them fill out a report it was the most flawed system I have ever seen I had shoulder surgery in 2010 and W/C waited until 2014 to approve my second shoulder surgery.

Will My Alimony Be Affected If I Receive Disability Benefits?

I am 60 yr old female. Divorced. Receiving alimony. I have health issues and cannot work. I recently applied for social security disability. I have worked since teenager. Will that affect my alimony?


I'm unable to answer that question. I assume that it would depend on the terms specified in your divorce settlement.

I can tell you that your alimony won't affect your ability to receive Social Security disability benefits, nor your benefit amount.

Best, Jerry

Can My Wife Get Spousal Benefits Only If She Was Drawing Disability Benefits At FRA?

My ex-wife, born July 1, 1950, was drawing disability for 18 months prior her full retirement age. She suspended her benefits before converting to regular benefits on her account and filed for ex-spousal benefits on my account. After approving her spousal benefits last year, they are now reversing their position saying she is not entitled to draw off my account and let hers grow because she was on disability.Is this accurate. I do not believe they are correct.


What Is The Best Path Forward?

I have been receiving SSD since 2006 & will be 65 this August. I have recovered enough to become gainfully employed so need to notify SSA I no longer need to receive benefits. My FRA is 66. My former spouse of 20 years has earned considerably more than myself. Next year, I would like to suspend my own SS benefits and file on his until I'm 70. A number of things I have read on this website concern me: having to repay SSD if I no longer need benefits, not being able to file on former husbands earnings record and suspending my benefits til 70.