Disability Benefits

Can I Get Additional Benefits When I Turn Age 62?

Hi, I started getting disability in 2010. My husband died, then I got Widow's Benefits. Now, I just turned 62 years old. I have not worked since age 33. However, prior to age 33 I did work 13 years. My question is this: Since I am getting Widow's Benefits can I get extra money now that I turned age 62? Thank you, Stormy

Hi Stormy,

I'm sorry for your loss.

Can Social Security Stop My Disability Benefits Even If I Earn Less Than $1170 Monthly?

Larry, I have been on permanent SS disability since 2010, and didn't work anywhere. I got tired of sitting at home so I decided to go to college. I graduated with an associates degree in nursing thinking I might be able to perform this job (I worked 30 years in heavy industrial work and figured a nursing job HAD to be less physically demanding). After 10 months (my 9-month trial period and 1 month into the additional 3 months your given) I could no longer hold up to full-time work so I went part-time.

Why Can The State Tap Into My SS Money?

I hope I will here back from you on this question.
I got pneumonia three years ago now an ended up w many health issues which took me out of work and school.
I receive SSDI and SSI, the two payments together don't equal much but it is my SSI 10 dollar payment I don't understand.
I feel that one gets this just so the state can stay in your affairs or so that they can tap into the little bit of money one receives. I don't know perhaps it has to do with ones medical?

What Happens Later If My Wife Gets Disability Benefits Now?

I am 63, my wife 57. I am still working full time and plan to do so for the time being. My wife, who is blind since birth, has worked some all her life (very part time, but consistently), and has achieved enough credits to qualify for Social Security, though the benefits, at any age, will be quite low. Due to minor arthritis kicking in even the little she works has become difficult, and of course the usual things that make it hard for the blind to be employed are ever present: employer prejudice, transportation to and from work, etc.

Is There Anything More I Can Do?

I have been on disability since 2006. Well I applied in 2003, approved 2006. They considered my case severe, according to their paperwork. They just reviewed my case and determined that it would be terminated due to medical improvememt. I'm at a lost for words. My injuries have only progressed toward the worse or stayed the same. I filed an appeal but is there anything I can do to help?


Do I Need To Do Anything At Age 65?

I have been on Social Security Disability for over 20 yrs. I became a widow 10 yrs ago. When my husband passed, I was given a choice to claim widow benefits or stay on Disability. Since I lost my healthcare coverage with my husband's employer and the amt. of $ was about the same, I stayed on Disability, mainly for health insurance - Medicare. The $ is nice but I really didn't have to collect it. I have worked off and on during my disability coverage but for less than 12 months totally as a full-timer.

Can My Husband Get SSI And Veteran's Benefits?

I have applied for SSD I was getting payments but then I was denied and my check & Medicaid stopped. I am 53 and suffer from Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Depression, Bi-polar, ADD, chronic pain and swelling. I was told that I didn't have enough work credits to qualify for SSD, can you please help me with any answers. My husband is 65 and he only gets a VA pension check & his medical paid he was also deemed Disabled. Is he able or eligible to claim his SSI as well with his VA. How will these effect us.


Am I Receiving The Correct Amount Of Disability Benefits?

I worked for over 20 yrs and was fully invested in social security. Had to go on ssd after being diagnosed with MS. I only receive part of my social security, I was told because I'm married and my husband is still working (head of household). It doesn't seem right that I'm not able to get my full amount because I'm married. Is this correct and is there something I can do? I'm 42 and my husband is 44.
Thank you


Does Receiving Disability Benefits Limit How Long You Can Receive Social Security Benefits?

Does receiving disability benefits in your mid 50s affect how long you can receive Social Security benefits? I understand the amount will remain the same but it seems to not be fair for someone to receive benefits for an extra 10 years over someone that has paid in more and worked longer. I personally know several people that are receiving disability and are perfectly capable of working, they're simply retiring early and getting disability so I'm wondering is there any limit to how much you can milk the system for?