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Why Did Social Security Wait All This Time To Tell Me My Check Is Suspended?

My ssd was suspended I work 3 days a week when I got on ssd I worked 2 I’m on dialysis so I can’t work full time no one never told me about how much you can work they now wait all this time and tell me my check is suspended

Hi. If you haven't already done so, you should make sure that Social Security has all of the details about your work and earnings so that they can make an accurate determination of your eligibility for benefits. People receiving Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits are required to notify Social Security if they start working, and give Social Security details about their work including how much they'll be earning. Without that information, Social Security can't act timely to suspend someone's benefits if they earn too much to qualify for benefits. The only earnings information that Social Security receives automatically are copies of people's W-2 forms, and self-employment earnings information reported on people's tax returns.

You could file an appeal, but since I don't have access to all of the details involved I can't tell you whether or not an appeal might be successful. Meanwhile, as long as your benefits are only suspended and not terminated, then assuming that your disability is something other than blindness, your benefits could potentially be reinstated if your earnings this year drop below $1470 per month.

Best, Jerry

Feb 25 2023 - 7:42am
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