Disability Benefits

If I Return To Work And Stop Collecting SSDI Can I Delay My Retirement Benefits Until Age 70?

I am 58, and I have been collecting SSDI since 50. My full retirement age is 67. If I go back to work and stop collecting SSDI, am I eligible to delay my social security retirement benefits to age 70?


Yes. If your Social Security disability (SSDI) benefit entitlement is terminated prior to your full retirement age (FRA), you would be free to file for your Social Security retirement benefits whenever you wish.

Do My SS Disability Benefits Automatically Change To Retirement Benefits At Age 65?

Does my status drawing SS disability benfits automatically change over to my retirement benefit at age 65 or do I need request the change?


Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits automatically convert to regular Social Security retirement benefits when the recipient reaches full retirement age (FRA), not at age 65. No action on your part is required to initiate the conversion.

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Do You Have Any Idea What Time Frame Will Be Involved In My Son's Case?

My son's disability benefits were stopped due to him receiving a large insurance settlement. And until all the money was spent. And saving all receipts to prove that it was all spent. Which was his only income.Then social security would reopen his case by reapplying which he has done on 3/6/20.Do you have any idea what the time frame to reopen his case my be.Thank you


At What Age Will Social Security Transfer My SSDI Benefit To SSI?

I'm 56 years old on ssdi been on ssdi for 3 months what age wil they transfer me over to ssi?


Just to be clear, SSDI is the abbreviation normally used for Social Security disability benefits. SSI is used as the abbreviation for Supplemental Security Income, which is a needs based benefit administered by Social Security. SSDI benefits would never convert to Supplemental Security Income (SSI), although a person could qualify for both SSDI and SSI if their SSDI rate is very low.

How Do I Get A Big Raise In My Benefit Amount?

I have a few questions...
I' just turned 46 years old. I only make the the lowest on SSI DISABILITY and my first question is .. how do I get a big raise.. and not $1 !! And my 2nd question is my first husband and I moved to Germany and he was in the Army. Do I get any spousal benefits from SSI ? And if I d ok please give information! And yes I was married a 2nd time and still am... but have NOT been with him for over 15 years! Thank you!