Disability Benefits

Is It True That My Children & Spouse Can't Get Benefits From My Disability Record?

Hello Larry and others. I actually have 2 questions. Let me give you some information 1st. I am 40 years old and am receiving Social Security disability and SSI. I only worked part time but worked some every year from 1995 til 2013. I applied for benefits and was denied 3 times and for 3 years. When I was finally approved I received back pay from my deemed date which was 2 years I believe. My 1st question is about this. I have been told and everything I have read says that my children and my husband should be receiving payments and should have received back pay as well.

Does Social Security Still Consider Me Disabled?

Hi Larry,
I was approved for SSI after the first try... I have Bipolar and Schizophrenia .... My medical records were very extensive...
My question is this... I received SSI for a little over a year, before My husband was approved for SSDI....for ruptured disks... They reduced my payments to zero and cut off my Medicaid ... We only get $1733 after His Medicare comes out... not enough to live...

What Options Does My Son Have?

My son was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder - bipolar type last year. He is being treated and has a monthly injection that costs $1600, plus the monthly doctor visit of $90. He is 25 and is currently on my health insurance through my work. We've been able to get a coupon through the manufacturer of the medication and they've have been able to negotiate the cost of the medication to $10 a month. He will be turning 26 in January and will not be able to be on my insurance. I'm trying to find the best options for my son to continue to receive the treatments.

Why Is Social Security Asking Me To See Another Doctor?

hi larry,
so im at the reconsideration stage of my disability benefits, i got turmed down for my issue with my back and leg, i finally got my own dr to fill out a medical source form and sent it to SS along with the application for reconsideration, now i get a letter from them saying they want me to go for a consultory visit , this time for a mental exam, is that their way of brushing me off again?

Can I Draw Disability From The Military And Social Security At The Same Time?

Can I draw a disability from the military and social security at the same time


Potentially, yes. Drawing disability from the military or VA would not affect what you could receive in Social Security disability benefits (SSDI). However, I'm not an expert on military/VA disability benefits, so I can't say for certain how those benefits might be affected by your receipt of SSDI.

Best, Jerry

Can I Apply For Food Stamps?

I am 51 years old and I started getting my social security disability benefits. I would like to know if I can apply for food stamps because I am not making it also I want to know if I can get a job. I worked for almost 20 years for the school district but I came disabled I know I can not do what I used to do b u t I am not making it to survive my income is just what I worked during my life with not family in America. Can I travel to South America to visit my elderly father ? Can I move to other country and continue getting my benefits? Thank you very much

Can I Collect Retirement Benefits When My SSDI Ends?

I became disabled due to kidney failure but have recently received a kidney transplant. It is my understanding that SSDI will cease one year after transplant. I will be 63 at that time. Can I collect retirement and if so, how can I figure how much my retirement will be. I know it will be less than my SSDI which is only $1195 per month. I have worked part time the past 3 years only making $10-11,000 each year.


Do I Need To Apply For Retirement Benefits If I'm Already Receiving Disability Benefits?

I’m confused, based on information you gave “Tim” to apply for disability ben. 1st, then reg. SSA ben. later 70. Well, I must have missed something. I’m on disability since 11/1999 (age 44), have reached 62 (7/2017). It is my understanding from SSA that you only get one benefit..