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Should My Disability Benefits Increase Because I Divorced?

1991 my Neurologist told me I could no longer work due to me having seizure and the seizures where mainly when I worked. I filled social security disabiltiy June 1991 & I was married at that time & the money I would have received would have been around $500.00 but with my ex husband's in being so much it decreased mine. My divorce was finalized 05/16/2016 & I wanted to know and I thought my Social Security Disability would increase?
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Can I File An Appeal On My Deceased Husband's Behalf?

I have a permanent disability (Parkinson's) , am 64, and recently widowed. My husband died within 5 hours of qualifying for disability from a nasty form of cancer. He passed on the last day of the month and the letter arrived from Social Security approving him as of the first of the next month. For the last few years, after he was retired from his job of 35 years, he had been working several part-time jobs. My husband was a great guy and tried as hard as he could to show up for his part-time work as long as possible.

Is There Any Type Of Help I Can Get While My Disability Claim Is Pending?

Was in auto accident last year , I applied for disability social security in April ( didn't realize I could ) need two operations to get back to normal , I own a restaurant that's not doing well and I don't take any income , but have to drag myself there and make sure it remains open. I can't afford to have the surgeries because my deductible is high and I'd have to be away from the business for an extended period. While I await the decision I'm running out of savings , what else can I do to either get supplemtal money or to possibly speed process along?

Can I File For Retroactive Disability Benefits On Behalf Of My Deceased Husband?

My husband, an RN, was working for state dept I health for six months, before he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. During treatment, he continued to try to eotk, which he did for about three or 4vweeks. He received STD benefits for about four months. 11 months later he passed away, in June 2017, age 63.
He never applied for SSDI or SS, as he was hopeful to return to work. He remained as Leave Without Pay status with the State.
I have been on leave to care for him, my annual salary is about 135K.

If I Get Off SS Disability, Can I Get Back On?


Possibly. If you are drawing Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) and you return to work, you first get a 9 month trial work period during which your benefits continue. If you continue to work and do substantial gainful work (i.e. over $1170 per month in 2017) after the trial work period, your benefits are suspended but not terminated for a period of 3 years. During that time, your benefits can be reinstated if you stop working or your earnings drop below the substantial gainful earnings level.

How Will The Sale Of A Home Affect Me?

I am a widower, 62 years old, have 2 homes, and am on disability. I have drawn 20 000 from my 401K for the year 2017 to supplement my 27 000 disability, no other income. I would like to move out of, and sell, the Nevada house (main living house), bought in 2010 for 103 000...likely sell for 190 000. 1) would i pay tax on the profit 2) will it affect my tax status on the disability income 3) would any of this change if i applied the profit against the other mortgage?