Release Notes

March 22, 2020

  • We now avoid error messages when entering disability benefit date for someone whose retirement benefit date is not set to full retirement age.
  • In some situations, if setup was abandoned part way through with earnings history partially entered, it would be hidden from view, we now show the entered earnings.
  • During year end rollover past non-covered earnings could end up hidden from view and could not be cleared, this is now fixed.

March 8, 2020

  • Display age by birthdate on detailed data entry screens
  • Clarify text in the Social Security What-If Filing Dates guide related to entering past dates
  • Certain login situations could result in redirect loop if using cached code. This has been fixed.

March 1, 2020

  • Clarified where to enter existing Social Security Spousal and Widow(er)'s benefit dates.
  • Improved accessibility by increasing contrast between text and background colors.
  • Clarified help text related to steps to take when needing to add high school graduation date to child.
  • Improved log out process so if there is more than one tab open, all tabs are logged out if one logs out.
  • New tabs opened up by Control- or Command-clicking a link will now automatically log in on the new tab.
  • Implemented new terms of service.
  • Fixed certain situations where a "Transition error: cannot transition to abstract state" error was shown.
  • Prevented unnecessary display of report errors when navigating off of the report screen when a report is running.
  • Fixed grammatical errors in Social Security deeming messages when no names are present for spouses.
  • Benefit information provided in lieu of past earnings would sometimes continue displaying even after cleared. This is fixed.
  • Logging in on two tabs was resulting in Access Denied on first tab, this is fixed.
  • Could not be logged in to MaxiFi in one tab and Maximize My Social Security in another. This is now fixed.

January 1, 2020

Happy New Year! Here are some updates to start the year:

  • Updated all Social Security parameters.
  • Updated the annual CPI-U and the Chained CPI-U with estimated values for December.

December 29, 2019

We've made several updates and improvements throughout the year and in years past. Starting today, we'll post information here on the Release Notes page so you can be more aware of changes in our software.

Today we released several important improvements to our handling of Social Security benefits for children:

  • We now consider each child’s own disability benefit (DIB) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) when determining their Childhood Disability Benefit (CDB) and the maximized family strategy.
  • We allow you to specify if a child is in care and if you want to be entitled to child-in-care spouse's benefits.
  • Each child's full birthday and/or Month/Year of High School graduation is used to determine the end of their child benefits (before, just the year of birth was used).
  • Each child's full birthday is used to determine end of child-in-care spouse's benefits (before, just the year of birth was used).