Disability Benefits

Why Wouldn't I Be Insured For SSDI If I Have My Full 40 Credits?

Hello Lary and Staff,

I'm a little perplexed on how the Social Security Administration works with work credits and SSDI Disability. I have worked all my life and had injuries at work that makes it hard to function at all. Now that I have gone to an ALJ hearing and been denied, Social Security is saying I don't have enough credits because of being out of work 3 1/2 years from my injuries. This seems shady as in 2009 was my last statement from Social Security and I had my full 40 credits. Now I do not have enough for Disability, please advise and help. Much Appreciated!

Can I Apply For SSDI?

I developed degenerative disease in my basil thumb joints in the years following 2010. In 2016, I was moved from my previous position to a new location due to needing some ADA accommodations from a head injury that occur before I was employed at the facility and also to relieve some of the pain I was having in my hands at work. Both myself and my union rep understood this to be a permanent move and job change, but the real "job" never really came about. In 2017 I had a trapeziectomy and ligament relocation done on my left thumb (CMC joint) .

What Should I Do If Social Security Says That I'm Overpaid?

I receive SSDI. I received a letter stating that I received over payment due to gainful and substantial work activity for July 2017 to June 2018. I added my pay stubs for this period. My total income was 12, 446. The letter I received states that I owe social security $ 9,117. My income during this period was below the threshold. What should I do? Furthermore, when someone does go over the income limit, do they have to pay back social security funds for the year? Even if they go over the limit by a small amount. ( for example $800.)

What Will Change When I Turn Age 62?

I have been receiving ssi and disability for about 6 years. I will be 62 this year. What will change when I turn 62?


If you're already receiving both Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), nothing will change simply because you're turning age 62. When you reach your full retirement age (FRA) your SSDI will convert to regular Social Security retirement benefits, but both your Social Security and SSI benefit rates will likely remain unchanged.

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Can You Give Me Any Advice?

I Bet I have the most unusual case you ever heard....filed for disability in 2012,was awarded disability in 2015. In March 2019, it was taken with no warning, due to what I believe was retribution for filing the appeal.need advice desperately have No where to turn.they took my social security Medicare, they change my onset date, Which knocks me out of my Social Security being able to draw on and my deceased husband as well.they say I am disabled 16 months later than 2015 that I owe thousands of dollars to them.

How WIll Filing For SS Retirement Benefits At Age 62 Affect My Husband's Benefits If He's Approved For SS Disability?

My husband applied for SS Disability when he was 60 and is now awaiting a hearing to determine approval or not. He is now turning 62 and we are getting ready to apply for his SS retirement benefits. How will this affect his benefits if approved for SS disability?