Disability Benefits

When Will I Begin To Draw Social Security Instead Of Disability?

I am 59 and just began drawing disability social security. At what age will I begin drawing just social security. Do I have to notify anyone or will it just convert to straight social security ?


Social Security disability benefits convert to regular Social Security retirement benefits when a person reaches their full retirement age (FRA). In your case, that would be at age 67. You won't need to do anything to initiate the conversion, and the conversion won't cause your benefit rate to change.

Best, Jerry

How Old Must My Husband Be To Not Lose Any Of His Benefits If He Works?

My husband was born in 1955 & is getting SS check for disable - he would like to try to work a few hours - how old does he have to be before they will not take any of his check .? He will be 65 in Sept .& I think then his check turns into his Social security - & someone told us that once that happens he can earn money & it doesn’t affect his check ??


Do You Have Any Suggestions For My Situation?

I read the answer to the question you gave regarding AutoConversion of SSDI to SSRI. You stated that the person might receive a higher payment after conversion based on his earnings. I am currently in this situation. Only complicated by my previous employer’s insurance company and their agent, GenEx. I was on private disability through work, and due to a clause disclosed to me after being on LTD for a year, I was forced to apply for SSDI to reimburse Guardian, the insurer. By the time the favorable judgement was rendered, I was full age of retirement.

Is It True That I Could Lose All Of My Disability Benefits Because I Received A 1099 For Housing My Mother?

Hi! I'm currently receiving disability social security benefits, but recently had to house my mom due to a problem with her house. The insurance company paid us to house her. I received a 1099 and my tax person told me I can loose all my benefits. Is that true?


Is There Such A Thing As A Disability Freeze?

Is there such a thing as a disability freeze? It seems there used to be, but I can’t find anyway to apply for it.


Yes, there is such a thing as a disability freeze. In order to establish a disability freeze, you must meet the same basic requirements as you would to qualify for Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits. And, if you apply for SSDI benefits you're also filing for a disability freeze as well.

How Much Will I Receive For SSI?

How much will I receive for SSi. I turned 53 receiving DISABILITY benefits.


SSI is the abbreviation commonly used for Supplemental Security Income, which is a needs based benefit administered by the Social Security Administration. The amount of SSI benefits for which a person can qualify depends on their other income (if any), but the current maximum monthly SSI payment is $783.

Will I Pay A Penalty Fee If I Cash Out My 401k?

I was just approved for SSDI and will begin receiving payments in April of 2020. Can I cash out my 401 K now, before I start receiving payments and if so will I pay a penalty fee? I am 54 years of age.


My expertise is limited to Social Security benefits, so I can't tell you whether or not you'd have to pay a penalty for cashing out your 401k. What I can tell you is that regardless of anything you do with your 401k, it would have no effect on your Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits.

Best, Jerry