Customer Support

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Our goal is to assist our customers in their purchase and use of our software promptly, courteously, and professionally.

Customer Satisfaction

To the extent possible we attempt to address concerns raised by our customers quickly. Outstanding customer support has been a hallmark of our company’s 15+ years experience in selling financial planning software. We intend to keep it that way.

Comments on our services are welcome and appreciated. All feedback is reviewed by several members of our staff.
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Quick Resolution

We provide email-based customer support. We find most questions can be answered and issues resolved most effectively through email, so we don't include the extra cost of phone support in the purchase price of our products. You can also often find immediate answers to your questions within our tools -- look for question mark icons, instructions, FAQs and other help features.

Our support contact hours are Monday - Friday 8am-8pm Eastern, though you can submit inquiries at any time. We generally respond the same day to inquires within our normal hours of operation, although some responses may require more time.

For those who require more extensive help, we offer phone support as a premium through the Expert Review consultation -- see the Purchase page for details.

Continual Improvement

The purchase of our software comes with a commitment from our company to keep the software updated through the licensing period. We are continually improving our software and make updates available to our customers as soon as they are completed and have been tested.

Getting Started is Easy
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