Disability Benefits

Which Month Does My Bonus Pay Count Towards My Earnings Limit?

i have a question, i receive disability from social security, and i work a part time job, now, i know there is a limit as to how much i can earn, before they take away my disability, so, my part time job is giving a bonus because of the corona thing, for every hour i work in april they will give $2.00 as a bonus and the pay out in mid may, does that count towards my earnings limit for april or may??

Is It Possible For My SSDI Rate To Increase Because Of My Earnings?

Hello, I was born and I am currently completely blind. If it is pertinent I also have two children 14 and 17 who are also completely blind and they receive Supplemental security because my current SSDI is not large enough for them to receive it off mine and I don't believe my husbands intermittent earnings records are large enough either. I started receiving my own SSDI at age of 24 in 1998, at which time I received basically minimum possible SSDI.

Can Long Term Disability Demand Back Pay For Recently Awarded SSDI Dependent Benefits?

Can long term disability demand back pay for recently awarded SSDI dependent benefits if no extra payment was made in monthly LTD pay for the children? My SSDI award is less than my LTD policy, and LTD is claiming they are owed child benefits in back pay and will reduce their future payment by counting child benefits.


Why Is My Disability Reveiwed Every 3 Years Instead Of 7 Years?

I was awarded disability in 2013 with back pay back to Dec 2010. Officially disability Jan 2010. I'm now 60 yoa. I get review every 3 years. I multiple medical issues one of which is Minere's Disease or Vertigo. It was sereve enough to cause 2 grand mail seizures and warranty brain surgery in 2011. My question is my judge at my hearing knew immediately as soon after he reviewed the surgery and said he was going to grant my disability but we still had to go through the process of which I really didn't have any part in except to answer yes or no a few times.

Why Do I Get So Little Each Month?

I have been on social security disability for 14 years .ssi ssdi for 14 years.when I received my award letter the court retroed me 3 1/2 years back .roughefley 28.000 dollars thats after they took lawyers money for binder binder and child support as well as county aid money.why haven't I received any back pay money?also i had one extra work point when I was approved for my benefits why do I get so very lil money 740.00 a month.why does chic support take money out of my check every month the whole time I am receiving benefits.


If I Do A Protective Filing WIthin 17 Months Of My Disability Onset Can I Collect A Lump Sum Payment Of SSDI Starting With My Onset Date?

This question deals with protective social security disability filing for SSDI. Do I understand it correctly that if i do protective filing at the end of 17 months AFTER onset of disability date -- it would allow me to have up to 6 months extension to collect the retroactive SSDI benefits.

Can My Husband Apply For A Disability Supplement To His Current Social Security?

Hi Larry,
My husband started receiving his social security at the age of 62. He is now 64. He has had a lung removed a few months ago and is undergoing chemotherapy. Can he apply for a disability supplement to his current social security? Does he have any options at all to supplement his social security in any way? Also, could I apply for any supplement - have not taken social security yet, I am also 64. Please help. Thank you!