Disability Benefits

How Would Drawing SSDI Affect My Future Benefits?

Dear Larry: I'm 62, have worked my entire life, expected to wait till 70 to retire. Had accident 6 months ago, totally disabled at moment but doing better month by month and expect to return to some kind of part time employment in next 6-9 months when finished treatment. LTD insurer through employer insisting I apply for SSDI now to reduce their monthly obligation. If SSDI is approved, how will it affect the amount of my retirement benefit at 66 or 70? Also, can I accept SSDI for only 12-18 months then stop it when I return to work?

Can I Go Back To Work Without Losing My Disability Benefits?

I saw a post that is close to my situation - but not quite the same.

I have been disabled since 2010 and am on SSDI. I will be 65 in December. I have an opportunity to become a travel agent. Although working with a host agency, I'd really be self-employed and any income would result in a 1099. I'm not likely to earn income, or much any way, until at least a year or so. At which point I'll be 66.