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The entire community of financial professionals—financial planners, investment advisors, accountants, lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, are buying Maximize My Social Security for use with their clients.

Financial Professionals love Maximize My Social Security because . . .

  • the program suggests safe ways to make their clients tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every day and need to make Social Security decisions.
  • they trust its developer—Boston University Professor of Economics, Laurence Kotlikoff.
  • they have read Professor Kotlikoff's weekly Social Security columns on website
  • they trust the glowing reviews by The Wall Street Journal, the NY Times, the Dallas Morning News, ...
  • they realize that the program is meticulous and exhaustive, considering every major collection strategy.
  • they can easily enter their clients' data, including copying and pasting in clients' Social Security earning histories.
  • they can make side-by-side comparisons between lifetime benefits from selected and optimal Social Security strategies
  • their clients can easily understand the program's general suggestions and detailed report.
  • they have heard about our terrific customer support.
  • they can run all of their clients based on a single $250 annual license.
  • they can customize the program's PDF report with their own logo and contact information.
  • Maximize My Social Security will help them help grow their businesses.

To see a list of the basic features of our program, view Basics: How our product works.

MMSS Professional now includes EXCLUSIVE NEW FEATURES that give you additional options while creating client plans:

Comparing the Maximized Plan with a Single What-If Plan

  • This is the tool’s core feature—the ability to set up a What-if/Base plan and compare it with the Maximized plan.
  • Now you can change retirement age and maximum age fields on the fly in modifying your What-If assumptions.

Longevity Scenarios

  • This feature lets you enter two additional sets of household maximum ages and see the What-If and Maximized results for each.

Alternative Plans

  • This new option allows you to set up two additional What-If plans and compare them to your original What-If/Base plan. Each What-if plan is compared side by side along with its Maximized counterpart.

    Detailed PDF reports are created to download and print each time you run the program.

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