When Should I Take Social Security to Maximize My Benefits?

  • Social Security is enormously complex
  • Making correct decisions could mean tens of thousands of extra retirement dollars
  • Our state-of-the-art software helps you choose the right benefits at the right time
  • Runs on the web—fully updated for new law—handles all cases

Maximize My Social Security provides expert analysis, suggesting which benefits to claim and when in order to maximize your lifetime benefits.

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This calculator takes the guess out of when to take Social Security benefits.

Maximize My Social Security is one of the two best Social Security tools. It takes into account the widest variety of household configurations.

Shows you the best time to begin collecting benefits.

Maximize My Social Security covers all cases and helps you decide when and how to collect retiree, spousal survivor, divorcee, parent, child and disability benefits to achieve the highest lifetime benefits.

Developed by Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University, acclaimed personal finance expert and columnist for PBSNewshour and Forbes.

Covers All Cases, All Benefits and the New Social Security Laws

Fully updated for the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 and Social Security's New Guidance on Deeming Rules

Considers 11 types of Social Security benefits

  • Retirement Insurance Benefits
  • Spouse's Insurance Benefits
  • Divorced Spouse's Insurance Benefits
  • Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits
  • Child In-Care Spouse's Insurance Benefits
  • Widow(er)'s Insurance Benefits
  • Divorced Widow(er)'s Insurance Benefits
  • Child's Insurance Benefits
  • Childhood Disability Benefits
  • Surviving Child's Insurance Benefits
  • Father's and Mother's Insurance Benefits

Incorporates all major Social Security Benefits Rules and Provisions

  • New Social Security law and grandfathering rules
  • Early benefit reductions
  • Delayed retirement credits
  • The earnings test
  • Adjustment of the reduction factor
  • Re-computation of benefits
  • Family maximum
  • Combined family maximum
  • Disabled family benefit maximum
  • RIB-LIM formula
  • RIB LIM when the deceased spouse was entitled to reduced RIB
  • Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)
  • Government Pension Offset (GPO)
  • Restricted application and deeming rules
  • Alternate widow(er)'s benefits when the deceased spouse died before age 62

Accuracy is our Passion

I'm Laurence Kotlikoff, Boston University economics professor and President of Economic Security Planning, Inc. My colleagues and I have developed pathbreaking and widely acclaimed financial planning tools to dramatically improve personal financial decision-making.

Deciding which Social Security benefits to take and when to take them is among the most important and complex decisions any household must make. Our easy-to-use, but incredibly precise program, developed in close consultation with Social Security's technical experts, is the nation's premier tool for maximizing lifetime Social Security benefits.

Widely Acclaimed by the Press, Households, and Financial Professionals! 

Above the Hood -- A State-of-the Art User Experience 
Below the Hood -- Meticulous Attention to All Details 
Result -- The Nation's Leading Social Security Maximization Software 

  • Handles all Social Security provisions and options for every type of household financial planning
  • Dedicated team of professionals responds quickly to customer questions and issues
  • Online software: works on PC and Mac with no download required
  • Run unlimited “what-if” scenarios to compare strategies and timing
  • Same powerful features for individuals and financial advisors
  • Financial advisors can run reports for their clients with custom-branded cover page
  • Safe and secure: NO Social Security number or names needed and your data resides in a secure SSAE 16 Type 2 data center—the highest standard available

Customers Love our Software!

“I really, really like MAXIMIZE MY SOCIAL SECURITY as I was trying to do all of these calculations with a spreadsheet before I found you last year! Your team feels like friends!”
—James Tannura The Radian Group I, Inc., Shorewood, IL
“I love the detailed yet succinct reports that the program provides for me to present to my clients. The customer service is excellent. They respond quickly to inquiries.”
—Laura Scharr-Bykowsky CFP®, MBA, Principal, Ascend Financial Planning, LLC
“I love this program and would not have known about spousal benefits for spouses with young children without it.”
—Bob Poole Social Worker (retired), Sebastopol CA