Disability Benefits

Do I Need To Report The Sale Of The Home I Inherited From My Parents?

I inherited my family home. I lived there for 1yr with my mom till she passed. Dad passed 2yrs earlier. I lived there for 4 more yrs before selling. I just cldnt afford it any more. The home was all paid for when I got it. Do I have to report it to SSI and SSDI. I get both. And how long do I have to report it. Thank you


Does Collecting Unemployment Benefits Affect SSDI Benefits If A Person's TWP Has Been Completed?

Hello Larry, I just found you & have a deadline tomorrow (12/17/20) for redetermination protest for unemployment (I made an error on a form). I receive SSDI but accidentally used my TrialWorkPeriod as a substitute teacher/teacher aide (no pay stubs & went slightly over 5 different months). Here we are in the CV19 pandemic & have been able to do a touch a subbing (many subs seeking work!) while maybe getting retro unemployment. I've read that one is able to receive unemployment & not have impact on SSDI.

Can I Suspend My SSDI Benefits And Reinstate Them If I Have To Stop Working?

Hello, I am a 36 never married woman and no children. I am on ssdi and was approved 6-7 years ago for mental issues. I would like to go back to work but I am only qualified for higher level jobs(which is how I won ssdi).
Instead of doing a trial work period, then sga, and then epe; I would like to suspend ssdi a few months after working.
I have read about ssdi suspensions that can be reinstated with medical back up( like incarcerations). I have also read about early retirement suspending. However, all of those examples are for way older people.

Am I In Danger Of Losing My Social Security Disability Benefits Because I Received A Christmas Bonus?

HI Larry
I have question. I have been on ssd for 2 years. I have been working PT to supplement my income. I have never been over the 1260 allotted amount if fact most months I am way under. However this year my employer gave me a xmas bonus that I did not know about and as a result this month I will be over by aprox 450$. however if I total my pt income for the year and divide by 12 (including the bonus) I average 1136.00 for each month. should i return the bonus am I endanger of losing my ssd?


Should I Apply Early For Social Security?

I am working with the Federal government for ten years of services with Indian Health Services, but I know I will probably only get less than $200.00, not enough to live on.
I am seriously thinking of doing an Early Medical Retirement after February 2022 because my body is not healthy like it used to, and I have other health issues already getting worst.
I’m 57 years old and will need help with applying and which paperwork to do on the disability, too.

Will It Lower My Social Security Payments If I Close My Workers Compensation Case?

Larry.... If I close my workers compensation case while im collecting ss d check. Will it lower my payments with ss. I get 1 check ss d. 1 check workers compensation. If I close my comp case will social security lower my payments. Or will my payments with ss d stay the same? Thank you much.