Disability Benefits

Will I Pay A Penalty Fee If I Cash Out My 401k?

I was just approved for SSDI and will begin receiving payments in April of 2020. Can I cash out my 401 K now, before I start receiving payments and if so will I pay a penalty fee? I am 54 years of age.


My expertise is limited to Social Security benefits, so I can't tell you whether or not you'd have to pay a penalty for cashing out your 401k. What I can tell you is that regardless of anything you do with your 401k, it would have no effect on your Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits.

Best, Jerry

How Can I Prove To Social Security That I'm Disabled?

I'm currently living on DSS from the state and have applied for SSD/SSI benefits. This will be my third time around trying to get social security benefits and each time around things only seem to get more stressful/difficult than before. The problem to me seems to be that the judges at the hearing are far from objective and they try to cherry pick any information I have in a way in which they only notice anything that may undermine my case and not anything that would show that I have problems with chronic pain/fatigue as well as behavioral health issues.

Am I At Risk Of Losing My SSI Disability If My Condition Has Improved?

Hello Larry,,I am a 57yr old male, in Oct 2016 I was diagnosed CHF/EF15%, got approved SSI Disability, not SSDI, It's my only income, I wasn't working before I got sick, to add to it I'm homeless living in my car,,anyway between 2016 to now I have really improved myself,because of diet and meds, I'm not healed but doing alote better,my EF now is 50%,,of course I have a few other things, bad knees/diagnosis pending,,recently Hospitalized very slow heart rate diagnosis pending,,,my question is since my CHF is doing better am I at risk of losing my SSI disability?,,,,,thank you

Is My Understanding Of The Trial Work Period Correct?

I think you are partially wrong in this post.


Each month used in a twp gets subtracted after 60 months. So if I get benefits in 2015 and use 8 months in 2019, I don't get 9 more months in 2020. I get 8 new months plus the one I didn't use in 2024 or later.

At least this is my understanding. I'm a social security lawyer.


What Should I Do Now That My SSDI Benefits Have Been Suspended?

I just got a letter from SSA saying that they my suspended my SSDI I am worried that I will lose it I work part time and only work part time hours what should I do


I can't really give you any specific advice without a lot of additional information about your circumstances. I assume you mean that your benefits were suspended due to your work and earnings as opposed to medical improvement.

Will My Social Security Benefits Stop If I Earn More Than $1220 In A Single Month?

If I go over my $1220 for one month will my social security benefits stop


I assume that you're referring to Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits. A single month of earnings in excess of the monthly substantial gainful activity (SGA) limit, which in 2019 is $1220, may or may not cause your SSDI benefits to stop.

Does SGA Include My Disability Funds?

I read that sga doesn't include disability funds.. in my state however, I believe they include it because if I make anything slightly more than 200 in addition to the 892 I receive from SSDI/SSDI, they decrease my disability funds, take away my Medicaid, and change my medicare provider.

I read an answer that Jerry gave in 2017 that sga shouldnt count disability, so does that 'rule' vary by state, or is the state lying to me?

I get 892 a month. And current limits here is 1220, yet if I make more than 200-250 they IMMEDIATELY lower everything.