Disability Benefits

Can I Go Back To Work Without Losing My Disability Benefits?

I saw a post that is close to my situation - but not quite the same.

I have been disabled since 2010 and am on SSDI. I will be 65 in December. I have an opportunity to become a travel agent. Although working with a host agency, I'd really be self-employed and any income would result in a 1099. I'm not likely to earn income, or much any way, until at least a year or so. At which point I'll be 66.

Can I File For Disability Benefits Based On My Husband's Work Record?

I am 56 years old and have been married for 24 years. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus and do not have enough work credits of my own to apply for Disability. Is it possible for me to file for Disability benefits under my husbands work credits? I have read information on the SSA website that is very confusing...mostly the rules under which I can apply under his credits and the timeline of my disability.

Will An Increase In My FERS Amount Affect My Social Security Disability Benefits?

I receive ss disability and a check from fers every month. I just turnded 62 and received a letter from fers telling me that my monthly check will be increased by $1000 a month will that affect my disability check from Social Security?


No, changes in your FERS payments won't have any effect on your Social Security benefits. If you were receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a change in other benefits could affect your SSI payments.

Best, Jerry

Can I Have My Own Business And Still Get Disability Benefits?

I have been on Social Security disability since 2009. I tried to work a job in 2013 and it lasted about a month. It was only $400 a month and they hassled me so much! I was told I could make $810 a month that year. I didn't understand. Things are getting rough around here. I thought maybe I could try to start my own business. I Maybe to work slowly and alone but just can't be dependable to show up consistently for a part-time job because my physical and mental health.

Is It True That My Grandkids Can't Get Benefits On My Record Unless I Adopt Them?

I was put on disability at age 48 (when i was 1st took off wrk) at time i worked 50-70 hrs a wk. Im now 51 and in my life ive been able to care for my kids without any help. I dont know why i recieve less then a 1000. a mnth. Ive wrked most my life, now i have my 2 grandkids that were took from there parents. Im struggling but was told unless i adopt my g-kids that i cant recieve anything to help them. Is this true?? The house i rent is full of mold but im barely surviving.