Disability Benefits

Will Taking Out A Loan Affect My Disability Benefits?

If I am 58 and currently receiving SSI Disability checks of around $1200 per month, will pulling out a personal loan of 40k to help pay for my daughters wedding decrease my monthly SSI payments?


Assuming that you are receiving Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) and not Supplemental Security Income (SSI), then the answer to your question is no, taking out a loan wouldn't have any effect on your benefits.

Best, Jerry

What Would Happen If I Returned To Work?

Hello Larry: I am a 60 year old woman (DOB 7/17/1957), who is currently collecting Social Security Disability. I am also collecting benefits on my former employers long-term disability insurance policy. These private insurance benefits end when I am 65. During most of my previous employment, I worked for the government and therefore did not contribute to SS. Unfortunately, I became disabled before I was vested in the State pension system, so I have no pension benefits.

Will My Benefit Rate Increase When I Reach Age 66?

I have been receiving SSDI, along with disability from my former workplace since 2009. I will be turning 66, 11/19. At that time the disability payments stop. Those payments are 3 times more than my SSDI. Will my SS payments increase at 66? Also, I was married for 14 years, divorced for nearly 30. I never remarried. How do I find out the amount I am able to collect if half of his is larger than mine? Thank you so much for taking my questions. I am scared stiff! Marti (PS) I care for my adult daughter who suffered a TBI 7 years ago. I receive only $500 per month for her care)

Should I Apply For SSDI Or Retirement Benefits At Age 62?

I have was approved for SSDI Benefits at age 60, however it took them 10 months and I had to return to work to not become homeless. They then denied me because I made to much money. My health is declining with MS, RA and 2 other auto immune conditions. I would like to retire. I am now 61 and struggling on a daily basis. What should I apply for? SSDI again or wait til 62 and early retirement.


Is My Friend Eligible For Disability Benefits?

Someone I know has not paid into SS and fica since 2004. He is sick and on dyalasis. He is in his mid 50's. Would he be eligible for disability? Or even SS when he is older? He did Marry a exwife in order to get health insurance through her job. Is he eligible to collect spousal disability? Would this effect the amount she would recieve when she retires?


How Long Is It Before I Can Start With A New Trial Work Period?

Hello Jerry--thank you for answering my questions.

I am still trying to figure out where I stand with my TWP.

It is all vey confusing. For me esp --I've had a brain injury.
I called my local Social Security office today. I know I submitted all my pay stubs for all the times
I DID work--but they seem to have lost them all. I am not sure how that is possible.
So now I have to go back and get them all from my former part-time season jobs. (again)