Disability Benefits

Can I File For Social Security Retirement Benefits At Age 55 If I'm Disabled?

i am 55 yr and disabled.
can i begin drawing my social security retirement now and how would it affect my disability payments?


No. The earliest that anyone can draw Social Security retirement benefits is at age 62. And, you can't draw both Social Security retirement benefits and Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) at the same time.

Will Social Security Deduct My Pension Amount From My Disability Benefits?

my neurologist disabled me from all work oct 2016 while being on a disability leave from my job-my employer then canceled my short-term disability and put me on unpaid medical leave forcing me to then go on an unpaid job search because I had to have income/I am single/ which lasted 10 weeks/no pay/then forcing me into severance which I took in installments to reach retirement and start small pension/$200/month?

Should My Husband File For Social Security Disability Benefits?

My husband will be 64 this December and is a 30 year retired LEO; therefore, falls under WEP. He is 40% disabled veteran and gets a small monthly check. After LEO retirement (Oct 2013), he had lower back surgery probably as a result of his 30 years hauling around that heavy gun belt. Would it behoove him to apply for social security disability (he does have limited mobility due to his knees (VA) and metal in his back (LEO)? I understand SSI would be a higher payment than regular social security.

Will My VA Disability Amount Affect My Husband's Social Security Disability Payments?

My husband receives social security disability. He started receiving it six years ago at age 48. I know that as his wife I can only earn a certain amount of money each year. I receive disability benefits from the military that I have been getting for over twenty years. The benefit amount that I was receiving was lower than the max earning amount for a spouse, but I recently received an increase and it's now higher than the max earning amount. Will my VA disability amount affect his social security payment amount?


Could My Friend Switch From Disability Benefits To Retirement Benefits And Earn Up To The Earnings Limit?

Larry, I've become somewhat knowledgeable about social security but the rules surrounding disability still confuse me. I have a friend who is now 62 and has been on social security disability for two years. He gets about $2300/month. If he wants to get a part-time job can he switch the benefit to regular retirement now and earn up to the earnings limit? He relies on that $2300/month and doesn't want to jeopardize it.


Can I Work Part Time And Continue Receiving Disability Benefits?

Hi Larry,
I’m sure you have addressed my question in many different forms before, however I have not found the answer to mine yet. So I will ask away!
I am a 56 year old mom of 3, been disabled for 16 years. My disability is progressively getting worse.
Unfortunately with the economy and area I live in, Plus the fact that I am supporting my children mostly by myself(and my oldest at 23 still lives with me..he has aspergers, Plus a few other things).
My income is $1610 plus $493 (X two, for my 2 children under 18). One who is 17 as we speak.

Would I Get More If I Switched From Disability To Regular Social Security At Age 62?

I have been on social security disability for 21 years. This year I will be turning 62. I was wondering if I switched to social security if I would get more money. I know I would have to pay for Medicare insurance and probably would not get my secondary insurance paid for. I do not understand how this all works. Thank you in advance for helping me.


Will Retirement Income Reduce My SSDI Benefits?

I am 59 and receiving ssdi. My ex is 62 and wants to retire early. He has 2 retirement funds that I will be receiving some money from. Will this retirement income reduce my ssdi benefits?


No. The only type of income that could affect your Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits is earned income, specifically wages or self-employment earnings.

Best, Jerry

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