Disability Benefits

Is My SSDI Payment Consist Of Two Separate Components?

I filed for SS at 62 while waiting for a determination of my disability claim. I received $700/mo SSi for the first year. At 63, my SSDI claim was awarded and it added $200/mo to my SSI for a total of $900 (which is the same, i believe as my maximum SS benefit). Is my monthly SSDI payment 2-separate components and, if so, Is it possible/advisable now to delay the normal SSI component of the monthly payment (until reaching 70) while maintaining the disability?


What Will Happen When My Father Reaches Age 66?

This question is in respects to my father. Since 2006 he has been receiving disability along with widower/survivor benefit. My mother passed years before he received his benefits. He will be turning 66 at the beginning of next year so he will be of retirement age. His benefit is around 600 and on my mothers record an extra 375. We are concerned that when he turns 66 he will only receive 600 and not my mothers benefit. Would Social Security exclude widowers and only give him his benefit?

Would My Husband's Current Benefits Stop If He Files For Disability Benefits?

My husband is 65 and gets social security and needs to apply for Disability social security. He was forced to retire because he had a bad stroke. If he applies will his check stop or will he get it till approved


No, filing for disability benefits (SSDI) wouldn't cause your husband's checks to stop. If he's approved for SSDI his current benefit rate would likely increase somewhat, but he wouldn't be paid both retirement benefits and SSDI.

Best, Jerry

Is My Full Retirement Benefit The Same Amount As My Disability Payment?

I currently receive social security disability and Worker's Comp. When i turn 62 I've been told that my supplement WC income will cease (approx $1600/mo) AND social security will also be able to take an offset for the amount I receive in excess of 80% of my ACE - which basically means that I'll also loose my entire SS check too. That would leave me living on half the income I'm currently receiving. The only other option I have is to file for early retirement to receive benefits of 73.3% of the amount I'd be entitled to at full retirement age.

What Do We Do Now?

hello thks for your input. my husband former OTR Truck Driver.... we filed a claim 3 years ago got denied ...appealed now going on 4 years denied again...we opted not to use a lawyer because everything was in order all x-rays, Doctor's opinions the whole 9 yards. my husband suffers extremely we have a 12 yr old son we are raising. And he cant participate in that even. The man is bed ridden three quarters of the day. he gets many monthly shots to be able to move but they do not help. We have been living on one income. I have used all the resources i possibly can.

How Do I Go About Switching From Retirement Benefits To Disability Benefits?

Since March 2016 I've being on social security retirement benefits $1,127. I would like to switch to social security disability benefits. I keep having a relapse of severe back pain; back injury from job. I have Medicare part A but not part B. I can't afford part B
I'm single, income is below maximum poverty