Disability Benefits

Is The Earnings Limit For Disability Benefits Based On Gross Or Net Earnings?

Currently on SSDI and work
I know I can make only 1,170/ mo
Is tha gross or net?


If you're working for wages the gross amount is counted, but if you're self-employed it's the net. And, the substantial gainful activity guideline in 2018 is actually $1,180, and that figure will rise to $1,220 in 2019.

Best, Jerry

Will My Daughter Always Get Benefits From My Record Regardless Of How Much She Earns?

I just began receiving SS retirement benefits. My daughter is on SSDI (she has been disabled since birth) and has been added to my record. She has a job and is currently in her Extended Period of Eligibility where her average earnings have a monthly limit.. My record awards her $1249/m, with $756 will coming from her own SSDI record and the remaining $493 coming from my retirement record. My question is, now that she is on my record, if she earns above her monthly limit and losses her SSDI eligibility will my record cover the money she lost when she lost her SSDI?

How Much Can I Earn Without Losing Any Of My SS Disability Benefits?

I have been on Social Security Disability since 2010. My husband was also on disability. He passed away in 2013. I have been receiving half of what he made plus my own. My question is: I would like to drive for Lyft or Uber. How much can I earn a month without losing any of my SS disability benefits?


I'm sorry for your loss.

Will My Profit Sharing Check Be Counted Against Me?

In filing for SSDI; If someone is limited to making $1,180/month, and they make $975/month, but have received a profit-sharing check of around $750 for one (1) month only, will that be counted against them? I know it's per month and not year. Does SS only get quarterly and annual reports? I've been assured that it's OK and they don't have anything to worry about, but don't want to risk not getting the SSDI. It's been almost 2 years and the hearing is in December. Thank you, Linda

Hi Linda,

Would My Son Qualify For A Subsidy To His SSDI?

My son works for a warehose and is a stocker. He is on ssdi because he is profoundly deaf. It is very diffucult fir him to work in customer service because if communication. Examples..door greeter, cashier, etc. Would he qualify for subsidy for ssdi. He is comfortable with stocker position, but wont ever advance further because if disability. Thank you


Will I Be Able To Get Back On Disability If I Find Out That I Can't Work?

I am 55 and I have been receiving Social Security Disability since 2013. I recently had carpal tunnel surgery and weight loss surgery and I'm at a point where I would like to try to go back to work but my disability benefits are only $485 a month after medicare payment. I'm assuming I will lose that amount which if I go back to work isn't a big deal but will I be able to get my disability when I am older or if I find out that I can't work still.