Disability Benefits

Would My Filing For Benefits Affect My Husband's Disability Benefits?

My husband and I are both 65. He is receiving SSDI . I know it will convert to regular SS when he turns 66. I would really like to file for my benefits even though I would be deemed as we really need the extra income. Somewhere I read or was told that if I were to take my benefits before FRA that my husband's SSDI would be converted to regular SS and be reduced. Is this correct.
Thank you

Hi Helena,

Will My Retiring Cause My Wife To Lose Some Of Her Benefits?

My wife receives disability {SSDI] and I am reaching retirement age. I have worked with a handicap all my life and have remained active, but now it is beginning to make it hard to continue my active job and so I am considering retiring at 62. Will my retiring make my wife loose some of her income?


No, your retirement wouldn't have any effect on your wife's Social Security disability benefits.

Best, Jerry

How Much Can I Earn Without Losing My Disability Benefits?

Hi Larry : I was checking on social security and just happened to find your site. I am 62 years old and have been on ssd for about a year now and I was a chef for the 39 years before I became disabled . I want to work part time and I know i can earn an unlimited amt . After the 9 month period I am tied into $1.170 per month's that gross wages or net. I do not understand what constitutes a 5 th week and how it works what amt of hours can I work and how do I figure this out without going over?

Will My Children Get More If My Wife Qualifies For Disability Benefits?

My wife is filing for SSDI and I was wondering if my daughter (who is receiving benefits along with her brother from my SSDI) could switch to her mom's account since there is currently a split of my benefits between the two. If she was to get on her mom's account, both she and my son would get more benefits. I do not know if it matters but my son lives with my ex-wife, who is his representative payee. Thoughts or comments?


Do I Need To Report My Earnings To Social Security?

I searched and searched online to find an answer to my only question and I came up empty handed. In my case my 9 moths Trial Work period is a done deal.
Do I have to REPORT to my Social Security Disability Office if I will never exceed to earn over $708/month BEFORE taxes? In other words, if I will stay under the allowed - limit after the Trial Work Period?
Thank you very much in advance!
Robert B.

Hi Robert,

Why Does It Take So Long?

I have applied for as I more then once this would be my 3rd time. All I have been denied. I have been waiting 63 day to hear back from them turned my paperwork for a determination on the 12 of this month. Why have they not called or stated they needed anything else could it be taking a long time because it was a proved or denied. Plus they have not called me back stating anything they needed beside letting me know they received and it is pending. What could it be tho?


Should My Earnings After Becoming Disabled Increase My Benefit Rate?

I am receiving SSDI since 05/2007. Since 2009 till tax year 2016, I pay an self-employment tax based on self-employment income between $5500 - $9500 per year.
My question is: Am I eligible for an higher SSDI Benefit amount based on the earnings between 2009 - 2016? I read somewhere, that the income can be added to my former lifetime average? What does the law says about that?