Disability Benefits

What Is Title 15 And How Would Working Part Time Affect My SSDI?

What is title 15 job and how would working part time affect my SSDI of 1217mo.and also my ct.state ins. I am on QMB which pays my medicare andnalso food stamps. I have a lot of medical issues and cant afford to lose my ins. benefits.


Title 15 of the Social Security Act deals with unemployment compensation for federal employees (https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/ssact/title15/1500.htm), so I don't see how that applies to your question.

Does Rental Income From Billboards Affect Me Applying For Disability?

Does rental from billboards I owned affect me applying for disability. I have cancer


I'm sorry to hear about your illness.

No, rental income would not prevent you from qualifying for Social Security disability benefits. However, depending on how much rental income you receive it could make you ineligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is a needs based program administered by Social Security.

Could I Convert From Social Security Disability To Social Security Retirement A Few Months Early?

I turn 66 in May of 2020. I am currently working and have been working several years while maintaining the guidelines of SSDI. I am changing jobs and will be making more money where it will be risky in regard to going over income. I was wondering if I could convert to SSI Retirement a few months early while not missing a check.


Will My Disability Benefits Stop Because I'll Earn More Than $1,220 This Month?

Hi Larry,

I'm so confused! Please answer this question, I'm getting conflicting information!
I'm in my 9th trial work period. I'm way over $1,220.00 in this month and a few other
trial work months. Handing in my earnings to my advocate. Will they drop me cause I'm over the
amount, or am I now able to go month to month below or above the $1,220? I'm aware of the grace period
but will I be dropped if my trial work periods were too significant in earnings?? Thanks Rochelle

Hi Rochelle,

What Impact Would Receiving Severance Pay Have On My SSDI Benefits?

Hi Larry, I am already on SSDI due to a stage 4 brain tumor. I have been employed the entire time but not working. My employer is offering me a severance package as part of termination. This will be fairly substantial and I am wondering what impact this will have on continued SSDI payments.


I'm sorry to hear about your illness. I hope that whatever type of treatment you're receiving is successful.

Is It Correct That I Don't Need To Disclose My Airbnb Income If I'm Getting SSDI?

I am receiving SSDI. I called SSDI and asked if Air bnb income was a conflict and was told no, but I am still concerned because I found out it must be claimed on schedule C (active income), rather than schedule E (passive income). I was told by SSDI that I didn’t need to disclose that income on my forms to them, but not sure I got the right info.


Can My Son Continue Getting Benefits While Working Part-Time?

My 44 year old son had his first kidney transplant in 2011. Worked well for several years, then he became very sick and rejected the kidney. He was able to do the work he has always done, which is very physical, construction types of work. After first transplant, he went back to work after 2 weeks (did not know he could have collected disability for 12 months). Had second kidney transplant in 2018 and has been on disability for 11 months. He has been working part time but making less than $1,100 per month while collecting his disability.

How Many Hours Can My Son Work Without Jeopardizing His Benefits?

My son was involved in a bad traffic accident in 2007 that rendered him disabled. Since then he's had 25 surgeries and is only now at a point where he wants to try and work part-time. My understanding is that he is limited to 45 hours/month without jeopardizing benefits, but what about the wage or hourly rate? Is that established, or what?