Disability Benefits

Do I Need To Notify Social Security If I Had Surgery That Affected My Impairment?

I started to recieve SS Disability because I have RA for 14 yrs and getting worse. I also have (*had) far sighted double vision.
The double vision progressed rapidly and I was at the end of prisms helping me. I had surgery and now instead of far sighted double vision now, I have near sighted double vision, and a couple of other sight problems. It was a tradeoff. I think I have to let Social Security know. I am hoping I can explain it properly. I still have double vision, but in reverse of what it was. Do you understand what I mean? Please advise. Thank you.

Is The $1180 Earnings Limit For People Receiving SSDI Imposed For Life?

Larry, I have received SSDI since Oct 2016. Due to a rugged contruction career, I'm banged up. DDS, hip degeneration, etc. I believe that when a person that retires, he/she can earn only so much, until the age of 70, & after, can earn without limit. Will the limits imposed on those that receive SSDI benefits ever be allowed to increase, or is the $1180 per month earning limit imposed for life?
Thanks, Larry.


If I Follow Through With SGA, Will I Receive An EPE After My Loss Of SSDI Benefits?

Thank you so very much Larry. If I follow thru with SGA, as I have an offer, will I receive an EPE after my loss of SSDI benefits??
Thank you in advance! Debbie

Hi Debbie,

No, not if your trial work period (TWP) ended more than 3 years ago and you subsequently performed substantial gainful activity (SGA). The extended period of eligibility (EPE) ends with the later of a) 3 years after the end of the TWP, or b) the first month of above SGA level earnings that occurs more than 36 months after the end of the TWP.

Is It True That I'll Lose My SSDI If I Earn $1 More Than The Current Limit Of $1220?

I had a complete TWP of 9 months. I stopped working due to disability and my SSDI was reinstated. That was 10 years ago.

Is it true that if I earn $1 over the current rate of $1220 that I will lose my SSDI? Thank you in advance.


Based solely on your description of events, it sounds like you probably would lose your Social Security disability (SSDI) benefit if you earn more than the substantial gainful activity (SGA) limit in even a single month. The monthly SGA limit in 2019 is $1220.

Can Income Received From My Husband's Pension Affect My Disability Benefits?

I receive social security disability and have for almost 30 years. I also work part time but am still able to claim my disability income. My husband passed away in August 2018 and I was his beneficiary on his retirement. He was in pers 2 and didn't pay into social security. Can this income affect my disability income?


I'm sorry for your loss.

If I'm Receiving SSDI, Could I Raise My Future Benefit Rate If I Have Additional Earnings?

I'm on SSDI; if i am able to earn the amount allowed without losing benefits, would i have earned enough credit to increase my benefit at FRA?


Not necessarily. Your benefit rate would only increase if you earn more in a year than you did in one of the years previously used to compute your Social Security disability (SSDI) benefit rate.

Can You Help Me?

I have been awarded disability June 2018 I am going to be receiving 8 years of back pay my social security office has been working on my case for 7 months and has still not given me the total amount of my award I need toknowhow much this total award is going to be it's going to be a large amount and I need to know what to do with it because I live in housing and I don't want it to become an asset and affect my housing eligibility my social security office is terrible they've given me the runaround can you please help me?