Disability Benefits

Can I Get A Lower Medicare Premium If I Qualify For Social Security's Compassionate Program?

I am under the age of 65 and get disability social security. I am charged a $500 per month Medicare premium due to my age; however, I have terminal cancer. Must I still pay the extra $500 per month until I turn 65? Since I qualify for Compassionate Program due to terminal cancer, is the income I receive from SSI nontaxable? Thank you


I'm very sorry to hear about your prognosis.

Can I Collect Retirement Benefits While Waiting For A Disability Decision?

Hi Larry,
I'm age 62. Can I collect Social Security benefits (not FRA til 66.6) while I wait for a determination on my SS Disability claim ? I understand this process takes some time as they collect medical verification. Will this early withdrawal adversely affect my disability benefit if I am approved ?
Secondly, is it worthwhile to hire a disability advocate (counsel) to move things along quicker ?

Thank you


Can My Wife Get SS Disability And Medicare Before Age 65?

Hi Larry. I am 61 and have a good job and insurance. I could retire as soon as my wife (60) can get affordable medical insurance. She has been a house wife and volunteer for >10 years but is now unable to work due to severe anemia.
Could she qualify for SS disability and/or Medicare before she turns 65?


Your wife would need to have enough work credits to be insured in order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, and unless she qualifies for disability benefits she can't get Medicare until she reaches age 65.

Is A Person's SSDI Benefit Rate Counted In Determining SGA?

Hello. I've been searching for an answer to clarify a question I have about Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA).
As of 2017 the SSA sets SGA as earning more than $1,170/month. Do SSDI payments count towards the SGA amount?

For example: A person receives $801/month from SSDI. [SGA subtract SSDI] --> 1,170 (-) 801 = $369. Does this mean that the most this person can earn is up to $369 a month without becoming ineligible for SSDI and hitting the SGA limit.

Will My Disability Benefits Stop Due To My Work?

I went on disability at age 56 at 58 started working a little, now at age 62 social security sent me a letter about my earnings, from age 58 till now only working a little in the mornings where I sit,stand or walk watching a door, doc says good for my back pain/surgery, will they completely cease my disablilty income? only thing I can do keeps me sane, will loose my house if loose benefits, they sent be a booklet on back to work program want aware of such a thing till now, any advice or help.

Hi KR,

Can You Answer This Question?

Can you answer this question for me please? How are you paid concurrent SSDI/SSI benefits? Suppose your SSDI PIA is only $400 of unearned income each month. You meet the financial requirements for SSI. Max SSDI/SSI = SSI FBR + 20 dollars of excluded unearned income for a combined total of $755 (Year 2017) per month max for both of them. $755 - $400 = $355 in SSI payments. Concurrent benefits are paid on the 3rd of each month. My question is do they issue one combined check on the 3rd or two separate checks?

Will My Age Be A Factor In The Determination On My Disability Claim?

i have 2 questions;
-im 61 applied for disability few months back, own my own business, cant work the hours i used to due to back issues stemming from auto accident, is my age a factor in their decision?
- and they are sending me to a doctor end of this month for an appoitment , is that a good sign for a decision?
thank you


Yes, a person's age, education and vocational history are all factored into the determination of whether or not they meet the requirements for Social Security disability benefits.