For Households

Thousands of households have purchased Maximize My Social Security. The program, which was top-ranked by The Wall Street Journal, acclaimed by NY Times, and featured in virtually every other top media outlet in the country, is very easy to use. Under the hood, the program is extremely careful in capturing the system's incredibly complex provisions.

Maximize My Social Security typically considers tens of thousands of alternative collection strategies before suggesting the one that maximizes your household's lifetime benefits. The program also lets you run "What Ifs" and compare, side by side, how your own collection strategy compares with the benefit-maximizing strategy. The program shows lifetime benefits as well as annual benefit amounts.

The results, displayed on the screen as well as in an attractive PDF report, summarize your inputs and tell you in plain English which benefits to collect, when to become entitled to them, and how to collect them.

To see a list of the basic features of our program, view Basics: How our product works.

Getting Started is Easy
Web-based software. Works on ALL browsers. No download.
$40 Annual Household License
$250 Annual Financial Advisor License