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Why Are My Disability Benefits Being Reviewed Now?

Hi Larry
I’m on DAC/Disabled Adult child benefits I started receiving SSI in December 2014 because the social security administration didn’t find me eligible for my Dad’s benefits
then 10 months later in October of 2015 I started receiving my dad’s benefits because they found me disabled before the age of 22yr old so I started receiving ssi/DAC benefits
I’m not sure if it’s SSD or SSDI
It’s always been listed as Social Security benefits

I’m just wondering why is it that I’ve been receiving social security since December 2014 and here it’s 2023 7yr later they are sending me the CDR/continuing disability review
I’ve never received anything in 7yr for a disability review so why now

Hi. The Social Security Act requires the Social Security Administration to do periodic reviews for disabled beneficiaries in order to make sure that they are still disabled ( The reviews can be scheduled any time from 1 to 7 years depending on the likelihood of medical improvement.

The fact that you haven't previously been reviewed likely indicates that significant medical improvement wasn't expected in your case. Nonetheless, the periodic reviews are required as a matter of law.

Best, Jerry

Feb 14 2023 - 8:57am
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