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Will My Work Income Increase My Overall Social Security Payments?

I'm disabled and was in the back to work program where I submitted work income monthly which $1 was deducted from every $2 over the monthly limit my ? Social security taxes where deducted each month from my pay check as well, does this increase my over all social security payments since I paid more into the program

Hi. Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits don't get reduced by $1 for every $2 that you earn over a certain limit, so I assume that what you receive must be Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is a needs based program that isn't funded by Social Security taxes, so paying Social Security taxes won't increase your SSI payment amount.

However, assuming that you don't already qualify for SSDI benefits, the fact that you paid Social Security taxes on your wages could help you gain insured status for either SSDI benefits or regular Social Security retirement benefits. Whether or not you can qualify for SSDI or Social Security retirement benefits depends on your age and past earnings history, so I would suggest that you contact Social Security to ask them check your records to see if you might qualify for any additional benefits.

Best, Jerry

Mar 16 2023 - 2:24pm
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