Maximize My Social Security 
For Households
Per Year
Maximizes Lifetime Benefits
Unlimited What-If scenarios
Works on computers & tablets
Maximize My Social Security 
For Financial Advisors
Per Year
Maximizes Lifetime Benefits
Unlimited What-If scenarios
Works on all devices & browsers
Handles multiple clients*
Customized cover page
All household features plus . . .
Handles multiple clients*
Customized cover page
Maximize My Social Security 
For Enterprise

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10+ Advisors
All advisor pro features plus . . .
Enterprise Single Sign On
Advanced report customization
Automated data sharing
*The Maximize My Social Security Professional license permits that up to 100 clients
may be stored at any one time. Learn more.


Tech Assistance & Personalized Guidance

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Rapid email response
Searchable Knowledge Base with hundreds of articles
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1-hour phone consultation
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Review and interpret results

Additional Options to Maximize!

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Feature Comparison

Maximize My Social Security
For Households
Maximize My Social Security
For Advisors
Retirement, spousal, and survivor benefits
Child, divorcee, mother and father benefits
Social Security's earnings test
Reductions for early retirement
Re-computation of benefits
Delayed retirement credit
Family benefit maximum
Windfall elimination provision
Government pension offset
Deeming provisions
File and suspend & start, stop, start strategies
Break-even date analysis
Email customer support
Online software--no download required
Works on PC and Mac
Unlimited “what-if” scenarios
Responsive Customer Support
Handles Multiple Clients*
Longevity Outcomes Report
Alternative Scenarios Report
Customized Report Cover Page
*The Maximize My Social Security Professional license permits that up to 100 clients
may be stored at any one time. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The expert review consultation includes a 1 hour phone call confirming inputs, reviewing and interpreting results, and exploring allowable what-if scenarios as applicable. The consultant will review your profile ahead of time and you can send a summary of your questions before the consultation. The consultation can also serve as a training session for professionals seeking to better serve their clients. This service is available only to customers with an active individual or professional license, and it should not be used for a renewal or the purchase of a new license.

Your license cannot be shared. Each planner in your firm that provides clients a Social Security maximization plan based on our software must purchase their own license even if plans are being produced centrally (e.g., by a single assistant in the office).

Your license is restricted to your use only for your own household. If you have friends and relatives who wish to use the program or have you run it for them, please purchase a separate license for each household. Your license allows you access to the software for a full year from the date of purchase.

If you are a current customer, you can purchase again to renew your access to the software for another year. Use the same email address at purchase or, better yet, login before purchasing, and you'll keep the same account and have access to your existing data. There is no discount price for renewals.

Of course not. But we'll hang on to your data for a few months in case you want to renew and not have to enter your data again.

Maximize My Social Security is a separate, stand-alone program that searches over thousands of benefit collection date options to find the one that produces the highest present value of lifetime earnings.

Our MaxiFi Planner tool does include Social Security maximization and additional retirement account maximization in addition to its comprehensive financial planning features, though the reports regarding Social Security and filing option information is not as detailed, and the professional version of the product does not include the Longevity and Comparison analysis reports that are available in Maximize My Social Security.

Yes, our software works on most common tablets and phones and data entry is very easy on any device. However, because our software presents detailed financial information, you may find that you have a better experience reviewing reports by using a tablet or larger device rather than a phone.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has four different calculators with varying degrees of accuracy from rough estimates to exact calculations of an individual's benefits. Their default assumptions include zero future inflation and zero future real wage growth. They calculate your benefits either on a specified date or give you three benefit estimates, at your earliest date of retirement, at full retirement age, or at your latest date of retirement. Some, but not all calculate surviving child's and surviving spouse's benefits and the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset.

None of the SSA calculators identify the filing strategy that results in the maximum lifetime benefits. So the SSA calculators don't answer questions like these:

  • For married couples, should one spouse file and suspend?
  • Who should file for spouse's benefits?
  • If you've already started collecting should you suspend collection and reinstate at a later date.
  • Our software calculates all benefits available to individuals and families except parents' benefits. We search across all filing date combinations to find the maximum lifetime benefit. This search typically looks at thousands, tens of thousands, and occasionally hundreds of thousands of possible date combinations to suggest the best strategy.

We follow best practices in the financial software industry to keep your data safe and secure. Please see our security page for more detail.