Maximize My Social Security Products

Maximize My Social Security helps single or married persons decide when to collect retirement, spousal, widow(er), divorcee spousal, divorcee widow(er), child-in-care spousal, mother (father), young child, and disabled child benefits. Now also handles adults receiving disability benefits!

Features include: web-based platform, side-by-side comparison of chosen and optimal strategy, license good for one year from the date of purchase. To renew an existing account, please repurchase after signing in to your existing account.

Web based – Works with all popular browsers - No download

Maximize My Social Security


Your $40 license is restricted to your use only for your own household. If you have friends and relatives who wish to use the program or have you run it for them, please purchase a separate license for each household. Your license allows you access to the software for a full year from the date of purchase.

Maximize My Social Security Professional


Your $250 license cannot be shared. Each planner in your firm that provides clients a Social Security maximization plan based on our software must purchase their own license even if plans are being produced centrally (e.g., by a single assistant in the office).

Allows you to set up cases for multiple clients.

Custom report cover page with logo.

Maximize My Social Security Expert Review


The expert review consultation includes a 1 hour phone call confirming inputs, reviewing and interpreting results, and exploring allowable what-if scenarios as applicable. The consultant will review your profile ahead of time and you can send a summary of your questions before the consultation. The consultation can also serve as a training session for professionals seeking to better serve their clients. This service is available only to customers with an active individual or professional license.

Maximize My Retirement Income


Our new service​,​ Maximize My Retirement Income​, looks at a range of ways, including maximizing Social Security, to raise your retirement income. These include tax planning, retirement account planning, Roth conversions, downsizing your home, buying annuities, moving to a lower-cost state, and taking out a reverse mortgage.

All versions of Maximize My Social Security account for

  • Retirement, spousal, and survivor benefits
  • Child, divorcee, mother and father benefits
  • Social Security's earnings test
  • Reductions for early retirement
  • Re-computation of benefits
  • Delayed retirement credit
  • Family benefit maximum
  • Windfall elimination provision
  • Government pension offset
  • Deeming provisions
  • File and suspend & start, stop, start strategies
  • Email customer support
  • Online software -- no download required
  • Works on PC and Mac
  • Unlimited “what-if” scenarios