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How Do I Reinstate SSDI Benefits?

How do I reinstate SSDI benefits?

Hi. The answer to your question depends on why your benefits were suspended or terminated. If your Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits were terminated because of work or medical improvement, then you'd need to file a new application for SSDI benefits with Social Security. However, if your benefits are in suspense due to work and earnings, to reinstate your benefits you'd need to contact Social Security and submit evidence that shows your earnings have either stopped or have been reduced to below substantial gainful activity (SGA) level.

There are other reasons for suspension of SSDI benefits (e.g. recovery of an overpayment, incarceration, returned payment, etc.), and there are different requirements for getting benefits reinstated for each of those occurrences. Therefore, you should probably just contact Social Security so they can look up your records and inform you of what's required to get your benefits re-started.

Best, Jerry

Jan 30 2023 - 7:48am
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