Disability Benefits

Will My Self-Employment Earnings Make Me Ineligible For Disability Benefits?

Larry, I've got a rather complicated SSDI question. I retired from my career in 2012, and became self employed. I was self employed till August 2016, at which point I became disabled and unable to work. Note that I had a net loss for every tax year of my self employment through the end of tax year 2016. This year, 2017, would have been the first year that I turned a profit.

Will My Benefits Go Up Now That I've Been Approved For Disability?

My husband died in 2013. I was 58. I began getting survivor benefits at age 60.
I had applied for disability in 2012 and had been denied over and over,final denial Dec 2015
I recently reapplied for disability benefits and was approved in May 2017....
-- disabled Date listed as Dec 2015..
{ Which I do not understand the approval date the same as the last denial date.}

Should my benefits go up ?
should social security have to pay my medical bills that came Dec 2015 to present?

How Much Can I Earn Without Losing Benefits?

I am receiving a widows benefit of 503.00 and disability of 858.00 monthly and will be 62 in a few months. Do I need to do anything to get more or is this it for the rest of my life? How much can I safely earn at a part time job? Can I have a home put in my name that would be willed to me?


When you receive Social Security disability benefits, you can generally earn up to $1,170 per month without losing benefits (https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10095.pdf).

Can My Wife's Long Term Disability Be Offset By My Spousal Benefits?

Can a Spousal Benefit (Social Security) offset a Long Term Disability payments? My wife is 62 and I am 67. My wife is on both LTD and Social Security Disability and has been for the last 15 years. I am still working and in 2016 I did a file and suspend on-line for Social Security Benefit thinking that it might help my wife in some way. The Social Security office called me and acknowledge receipt of my request and then asked why.

How Does Both Spouses Receiving SSDI Affect Future Benefits?

I am turning 60 soon and my spouse is 63 and receiving SSDI. I am currently on leave from work due to chronic illness, and I may not return to work. My earnings amount is much lower than my husband's amount. If I am granted SSDI, what will either one of us be eligible for once we reach FRA or if one of us dies? My main question is how does both spouses receiving SSDI affect future benefits?


Can I File For Retirement Benefits At Age 62 If I'm Getting SSDI?

i am 62 and been collecting SSD for 10 years, the SSD is offset by Workers Compensation. I understand that when I turn 66 my SSD becomes SS Retirment with NO WC offset. My question is "can i get SS retirement now at 62?


Yes you can, and if your reduced retirement rate would be higher than your disability benefit (SSDI) rate after the Workers Compensation offset is applied, it would likely be advantageous for you to do so.

Best, Jerry

Can I Work Without Hurting My Disability Benefits?

I'm 61 will be 62 in November I'm o. SSD can I work any without it hurting my SSD I read some on it an says you can I just wondering if this is true thanks Brenda

Hi Brenda,

If you're receiving Social Security disability benefits and not Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you can generally earn up to $1170 per month without losing benefits. For more details, refer to this Social Security publication: https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10095.pdf.

Best, Jerry