Disabled Adult Child Benefits

If My Son Starts Out Drawing On My Wife's Record Can He Switch To My Record When I File For My Benefits?

My wife and I are about the same age 60. We have a son who is now age 31, was disabled before age 22 and is on SSI. My wife will have somewhat less than a max SS retirement benefit, and I will have a max SS retirement benefit. If she commences her SS retirement benefit before I do, will my son's SSDI benefit increase when I eventually commence my greater SS retirement benefit later?


Could I Draw Benefits Off Of My Dad's Or Mom's Record?

I'm 53 years old, I've never married and I have physically and mental disorders that prevent me from employment. I was told that I may be able to draw off of my Dad now deceased or my Mom's SS. I live with elderly Mom. It takes ALL our funds just to survive. Please help and tell me my options. If anything befall her I will basically be desitute.


Is It True That I Can Never Collect Benefits Off Either Of My Parents' Records?

I am a adult age 36 on SSI perment disability, since 2009 age (27) . I want to know if I can collect on my father's retirement ,he is still alive at age 66 but retired now . SSI said because I was 27 years old when I got my SSI benefits approved that I could never collect off either of my alive parents retirement. Is this true ? I can not collect never?


Will My Son Automatically Be Switched From DAC Benefits To Old Age Social Security At Age 67?

my 50 year old son gets DAC from his father, when he reaches age 67 for old age benefits will he just automatically be transferred to that status. I receive almost 1500 monthly, he gets over 800 now on his deceased father, so will he get the highest benefit at that age?


Do I Qualify For DAC Benefits, And How Do I Apply?

I am 43 years old and have been receiving SSDI since I applied when I was 18. I have Cystic Fibrosis which is a genetic lung disease I was born with. I have struggled throughout the years trying to work on and off. However, not being able to keep jobs long due to the fact I have many 2 week hospitalizations throughout the year. Companies seem to frown upon employees who are often gone for 2 week intervals.

Does Paying For Food/Housing Affect A Disabled Adult Child's Benefit Rate?

If a never-employed, disabled adult receives CDB/DAC (from parent's retirement), and he pays a portion of those benefits for food/housing to his parents while living in their house, would that affect his DAC benefits? Conversely, would the DAC benefits be affected if he paid nothing to his parents for those expenses and saved the money instead? Does SSA Code of Federal Regulations 404.366 pertain to DAC benefits? It's confusing to me, so I truly hope you can help. Thank you.


Can My Son Get 50% Of My Benefit If I File A Restricted Claim For Spousal Benefits Only?

I turned 66 this month. My wife and I have a 24 year old disabled son with Down Syndrome who currently receives SSI. Our plan was for me to file a restricted benefit claim for spousal benefits and allow my benefit to grow until age 70. My wife will claim her full benefit in August 2018. Can my son access 50% of my benefit with my restricted benefit claim. This would almost double and replace what he currently receives in SSI. If not I assume he could claim based on my wife's August claim but then we would be subject to the family limit. Thanks in advance for your help.

Will Listing Our Daughter On My Wife's Application Trigger An Application For CDB Benefits?

Hi Larry, our daughter gets SSI (she is 28 but became disabled before age 22). My wife 62 years old has taken care of her since birth, now she is getting ready to file for retirement. On the application it asks if you have children who became disabled before age 22 (yes). will this trigger automatically an application for CDB benefits for our daughter? We rather keep as is since CDB (50% of her benefit of approx. $900) is less than the SSI our daughter is getting. Don't want to upset anything i.e. Medicare. Appreciate your help!


Is A Person Eligible For DAC Benefits Even If They've Performed SGA?

Claimant had severe scoliosis as a child . They implanted Harrington rods in her spine when she was 10 or 12. She did well, went to college, got a job --
and then the rods failed around 30 years old. She is currently severely disabled. she can only lay on her abdomen wth a wedge. She is unmarried and her father is 67 on SSA.



Can My Husband Get A Higher Payout By Collecting On One Of His Parent's Records?

Can my husband get a higher Payout on his Social Security by collecting of one of his parents records?. They are both deceased. He was disabled before age 21 and previously collected on his mothers records. He is married and he earns substantially less than his parents because the state of Alaska trained him and put him to work. He only worked a short time. It was only like a five year period that he contributed. He got hurt in 1992 and has been disabled since 1994.