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Will My Son Need To Fill Out A New Application When His Father Retires?

My son received a favorable CDR in May 2021. He’s 25 and was awarded when he was 18. His dad is retiring in August. Will he have to fill out a new application? If so will they resend for all his medical records and wait for 9-12 months for a decision. Will he need to be medically awarded again or can he just fe switched to SSDi?

Hi. Yes, your son would need to file a new application if he wants to become entitled to benefits on his father's account. That's true even if he's already receiving Social Security disability (SSDI) or disabled adult child's (DAC) benefits. However, it sounds like Social Security will be able to adopt your son's prior medical allowance and not require any new medical development.

Best, Jerry

Jan 31 2022 - 4:05pm
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