Disabled Adult Child Benefits

Can My Disabled Son Switch To Drawing On My Record If He's Already Drawing On His Mother's Record?

I have a disabled adult son. My wife is turning 66 in August and we were planning on him applying for child benefits on her retirement record. I am turning 66 next year and my retirement benefit will be much higher than hers so my question is can he switch his child benefit to 50% of my retirement benefit if he is already collecting on my wife's retirement benefit?

Can you explain how "spousal child-in-care" benefits work? I've read about them but not sure how they fit in with child benefits and spousal benefits.


When Can My Brother Start Collecting Benefits On My Mother's Record?

My father passed away in Feb 2018 at age 67. He started Social Security as a disability benefit. When my mom turn full retirement age, she started collecting a spousal benefit and is now collecting a widow's benefit. My mom is 67 and plans to delay her own benefit until age 70. My brother has Schizophrenia and was disabled before age 22. However, brother is currently collect SSI and SDI on his own record. I want to know if and how my mom can let my brother collect Social Security under her record.

Can My Wife Or I Receive Full Retirement Benefits Early If We Have A Disabled Child?

My wife is planning to retired at age 62yr 8 months
I'm planning to retire at 62.5 yrs (about 4 months after her)
Her Sept 1 2019 and myself Dec 2019
I read that if retired early but caring for a disable child (who will be around 27 autism nonverbal at age 4 and cannot live on his own)
That one of us can get full retirement as if 65?
Can either or both apply for it. If only one then it might be best if possible for me to apply for it as my SS would be higher
Would he lose his SSI and medicaid benefit?

Would My Brother's Benefit Rate Increase As A Result Of Our Mother's Death?

My mentally disabled brother receives a (DAC) based on my father's record. He received an additional survivor benefit when our father died in 2006. Our mother has now died. Would my brother's amount increase because of the family amount change due to her death? My brother was born in 1955 and his mental illness disability started before age 26.


I'm sorry for your loss.

Can I Receive 75% Of My Dad's Primary Insurance Amount?

I'm 28 years old and receive SSI. I received a letter saying that I have to file a claim on my Mother and Father's records and that I'm eligible for Disabled Adult Children Benefits because I was 21 years old when I became disabled. My mother worked a little and is no longer alive and my Dad worked and is disabled and now receives SSDI. Would I be qualified to receive 75% instead of 50% of my Dad's Primary Insurance Amount? He would have a higher PIA than my Mom.