Disabled Adult Child Benefits

Can I Receive 75% Of My Dad's Primary Insurance Amount?

I'm 28 years old and receive SSI. I received a letter saying that I have to file a claim on my Mother and Father's records and that I'm eligible for Disabled Adult Children Benefits because I was 21 years old when I became disabled. My mother worked a little and is no longer alive and my Dad worked and is disabled and now receives SSDI. Would I be qualified to receive 75% instead of 50% of my Dad's Primary Insurance Amount? He would have a higher PIA than my Mom.


Will My Son's Benefits Be Cut When I Retire?

I am a 61 year old man and wondering how my retirement in a few years will affect my Social Security benefits and my disabled son's social security payments. My son is 24 years old and has received Social security and SSI since my wife (his Mother) died in 1997. I was left with 8 children from our marriage, to raise on my own. Needless to say, money was tight these past 20+ years. My son's current benefits are broken down into three parts. 1. As SSI. 2. As Social Security and 3.

Will My Daughter Get Higher Benefits If I Wait Until Age 70 To Start Drawing?

My daughter has been disabled since a child. She gets SSI, MediCal and Regional Center services. After 4 years she got a low income apartment and needs to work I haven't worked since last October and turn 66 August 2018 .I was told to wait to 70 to file so her 50% benefit would be greater. However today I was told her benefit is fixed to my age 66 benefit even if I wait to 70 and I should consider filing so she can get benefits from my retirement benefits. Should she stay on SSI or should I file so she gets more. If she gets married how will it affect SSI versus SS .

How Would My Marriage Affect Our Finances?

Hi Larry, I'm a 58 year old male with cerebral palsy. I've never held a job andI'm drawing Social Security on my deceased father's account. I also receive a very minimal amount of S.S.I. as well as being on the Medicaid Waiver Program. I'm going to marry my caregiver of nearly 18 years. She's taken early retirement due to her own health issues. Can you tell me what to expect as far as our finances go?


How Will We Survive If SSA Takes Away My Benefits?

so I'm in my early 20s, disabled receiving SSDI based on retired parent's earnings record. Planning to get married someone who's not working, who's marrying me to help take care of me but will not have income for long time to come since it's someone from foreign country, not educated and no understanding of English. So if SSA takes away my only source of income then how are we both going to survive? Even if she might be able to work in the future, after long years of adjustment; point is what happens during our current years or even months for this matter??