Disabled Adult Child Benefits

Do I Have A Right To Continuity Of Benefits On My Father's Record?

greetings thank you for answering, but I am already requesting the benefit of adult child and social security sent me to fill some documents of work history made before 22 years of age ,,, and also sent me to fill a document on the record of work as an adult, these 2 documents establish whether I pass above or below the lucrative substance and establish the right to the benefit of blind legal impediment since I was a child before I turned 22, because they told me that I had to fill out another document that is equivalent to the right of continuity that I received as a child beca

Is My Summary Accurate?

How would this situation play out for a Disabled Adult Child: Neither of the parents are currently filed for benefits. My understanding is that at least one would need to file before the DAC could receive SSDI benefits based on the parent's record. Ideally, the father would file now because the mother has a higher PIA and would like her to delay until her age 70. It is also probably fair to assume that the mother will outlive the father.
 The Father Files Now: DAC’s SSDI benefit will be 50% of the father’s PIA

How Can I Find Out What Impact My Wife Filing At Age 62 Would Have On My Daughter's Benefits?

Hi Larry: My 28 year old disabled (from birth) daughter currently receives a Medicaid(?) payment of approximately $700/month plus food stamps of~ $140/month. My 62 year old wife is considering drawing social security now for health reasons.
How do I find out the impact of this action on my daughter's monthly income. AlLso, I was always the breadwinner and my potential Social Security benefit is substantially higher than my wife's. When I start drawing will social security my daughters benefit payment go up?


Would A Letter From A Former Employer Be Considered In Deciding SGA?

My 54 YO Intellectually or Developmental (IDD) sister-in-law came to live with us in 2017, after her mother could no longer care for her. Parents (for whatever reason) never applied for any type of benefit and she has never received Gov assistance of any kind. We recently tried to qualify her for SSDI, as a (DAC) applicant.

How Can This Be Fair?

I retired in July at age 62 and took SS $2136. My Wife (62)did not work but applied for her part of my benefits $1056. We have a Disabled since birth, Adult daughter(28) that lives in an Adult supported living home with 24/7 supervision. She was on SSI. We received a letter shortly after my Wife received her letter confirming her $1056 saying they made a mistake because my daughter was going on SSA and she was going from her SSI amount of $700 to SSA $1085.70. So now my Wife was being reduced down to $726. How can that be fair?


Am I Owed More Than Social Security Is Giving Me?

I am confused. When my father started getting his social security, he asked about me getting a portion since I was disabled before age 22. They said no. When he passed away 2/2016 I got the $255 death benefit and then began getting $295 monthly which they told me is reduced since he was getting a private pension of roughly $200 and state college pension and VA benefits of roughly $800. I just read that the Windfall Elimination Provision doesn't apply to survivor benefits. I am the only person on his record that qualifies.

Is It True That The Work My Son Did When He Was 30 Will Prevent Him From Qualifying For Disabled Adult Child Benefits?

Hi, my son is 36 and has cerebral palsy since birth. It severely affects his ability to use both arms and hands and has overall general fatigue/weakness. He also has neck and back pain documented and treated since age 10 or so. We have never applied for SS for him because he wanted to work. He had one job when he was 20-21 earning well below the SGA. When he was 30, a family friend got him a hired at an automotive plant, he tried very hard and had to have reduced hours and responsibilities but was able to work for about a year before getting hurt and eventually had to leave.

Am I Eligible To Receive Benefits On My Deceased Parent's Record?

Hi I am new to all the SSA business. My questions are pretaining to myself who is disabled and receive SSDI and my deceased parents. I was diagnosed in my 30s but the onset of the illness was around when I was 9 years old, its MS, Multiple Sclerosis. Because no one knew what it was, I was not treated until I was diagnosed with it. However both my parents are deceased now. They both were getting their retirement benefits. I took care of and lived with them both before they passed. Am I eligible to receive their benefits as DAC ?

Can I Still Qualify For Benefits On My Father's Record Even If I've Never Known Him?

I recently got a letter in the mail saying i may be entitled to more benefits if i qualify as a disabled adult child. So i met every criteria except that my mom wasnt recieving benefits now. I live with her. However my dad may be recieving retirenent however i never known him in my life. Can i still qualufy under his pid if i never known him