Disabled Adult Child Benefits

Do You Think That I Could Qualify For Disability Benefits From My Step-Father's Record?

As a child, my mother received Social Security benefits after my step father died when I was 11 years old. I had been molested by this man from the time I was 3 years until his death. Although I never applied for any disability benefits or even SSI until my late 50s, I believe my disability began as a child as a direct result of the years of molestation. I began using drugs at age 12 and have continued to use throughout my life. I was first sentenced to prison at age 17 on a drug charge, and have gone to prison 5 times throughout my life.

If My Daughter Gets Married And Divorced, Would She Be Able To Get DAC Benefits Again?

I'm using your software to figure out different scenarios with our DAC. She receives SSIMedicaid and I would like to get her on DAC benefits based on my record (I'm 62) This would make it easier to plan for her future in the sense of receiving/owning financial assets. However is she would get married the DAC benefits could be taken away and any assets would prevent her from receiving SSI again. This could happen as she is prone to make "bad" decisions. After a divorce would she be able to get the DAC benefits again?


Is There Any Way That My Daughter Could Be Eligible To Receive Assistance?

My husband and I have an adult child who is 22 years old. She has had a very rare debilitating illness since she was 10 or 11 years old. She has been misdiagnosed for 11+ years. She finally received an accurate diagnosis July 19, 2019. Although she has attempted to attend college and work many times, since graduating from high school, she is unable to sustain either because of her debilitating symptoms. I am 63 years old and my husband is 62. My husband works full-time. I work part-time so that I may be available to care for our adult daughter as needed.

Can A DAC Opt For The Higher Of SSI Or Half Of Their Father's Disablity Benefit?

For a DAC from birth (Down Syndrome) who started receiving SSI at age 18, can they opt for the higher of SSI or half of the father's disability benefit (still working - 35 yrs paying into SS)? This will not effect the current Medicaid Waiver program? Also, will not effect the ability to receive 75% of the Mother of Father's FRA SS upon the parents passing? Nor will it effect the Mother of Father's ability to collect SS upon reaching FRA?


Does My Son Have To Apply For Benefits On My Record When I Apply?

my wife retired 4 years ago and our son who is autistic got SSI thru my wife Social Security. I want to retire next year and social security worker says that when I retire my sons SSI will be terminated. My income was higher than my wife so I would get more benefits. My son will get more Social Security benefit so they said they would terminate his SSI. Does he have to apply or is it voluntary


Is There An Asset Limit For DAC/RSDI Beneficiaries?

I am a Disabled Adult Child switched from SSI a few months ago, drawing off my retired father's work record. I am deaf with low vision. I have difficulty understanding rules regarding RSDI benefits.

1. I need to be sure there are no asset limits for DAC/RSDI beneficiaries. Here are some example assets: Owning a house, savings, contributions from family and/or friends, inheritances from parents when they pass away, etc. Note: I am dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare, but have not yet renewed Medicaid at this point.

Am I Eligible For Benefits From My Father's Record?

My father worked for the Erie Lackawanna Railroad, when I was nine years old we went to Niagara Falls. On the return trip we were in the switching station, our engine had to release itself to let another train go by. The train was in the process of rehooking itself to our train. It approached our train at 30 miles an hour, I fell back across the seat in the men's room. The railroad said they were not liable for my injury, because we were traveling on my father's pass. Not a ticket, I found out in 2009 when I had a CT of my lungs it showed an old fracture at C2 in my neck.

Can A Son Draw Off His Father's Social Security If He Was Diagnosed With A Disability When He Was Age 15?

can son draw off fathers social security if he was diagnosed with disability (bipolar) when he was 15 or possibly collect back money if he did not apply for benefits until after 21 but has papers where he was diagnosed bipolar at age 15


Why Does My Son Have To See A Speech Therapist If He Was Previously Approved For SSI Disability Benefits?

I am 49, my husband died at the age of 41 in 2017 after falling from scaffolding at work. We automatically began receiving worker's compensation death benefits due to his workplace death (mine are lifetime, our son's are until he is out of school unless he is deemed disabled). Our 18 yr old son has also been receiving SS survivor's benefits based on my husband's earning record since his death. I applied for, and was turned down for widow's benefits based on caring for our disabled son.

Can DAC Benefits Be Reduced If The DAC's Parent Files At Age 62 And Continues Working?

I understand that DAC benefit amounts are based on Parent PIA at full retirement age. What if parent (mom) begins drawing retirement benefits at 62 but still works and her payment is offset by the income, does adult child's DAC get reduced? Thank you for your work in this area helping families.