Disabled Adult Child Benefits

Is Filing And Suspending Advantageous In My Case?

Although the File and Suspend strategy has little application today, one time that it is useful is when you have an adult child with disabilities. My understanding is that there is a two-year waiting period to be eligible for Medicare. I've suspended benefits while waiting to reach age 70. When I do start receiving benefits, my child will be eligible for 50% of my benefit plus Medicare.


Does A Disabled Adult Child Lose Their Benefits If Their Parent No Longer Qualifies For Benefits?

Hi Larry,
I have a question regarding Disabled Adult Child Benefits... If the parent is receiving SSDI when the adult child qualifies for benefits, but then later tries to go back to work, stopping parent's benefits, does the child lose their adult child benefits? Does the parent have to be actively receiving ssdi in order for the adult child to keep their benefit?


Am I Eligible For Any Back Pay?

im applying for dac benefits
if approved
im told since my dad never listed me on his retirements application as a disabled child. because of this,
i cant collect back pay & theres no way to appeal unless theres an error on the ssa behalf. the ssa is looking on my behalf at my initial ssi disability application i didnt fill out
to see if somewhere something is listed
that would allow this. im not sure exactly what they are looking for but it doesnt sound good
and 46k will be lost. Unless ask larry knows of a way. --peter

Can I Work And Continue To Receive Disabled Adult Child's Benefits?

I've been disabled before i turned 16 years of age. I'm 45 years old now. I was wondering will i be able to work and still draw the social security from my dad.


Generally, you can earn up to $1170 per month without losing your disabled adult child's benefits. For more information on working while disabled, refer to this Social Security publication: https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10095.pdf.

Best, Jerry

How Much Can I Earn Without Losing My Disability Benefits?

hello I need some advice

I have been getting social security benefits since I was 11 months old off my now deceased adopted father for my life long disability which gives me social security medical and financial benefits

but my question is was told I could return to work part time and if I keep it under a certain amount per month it will not effect my benefits

but I was also told if I go over a limit then social security will begin to deduct from my social security benefits and eventually cut it off completely if I make to much money

Can I Change My Disabled Adult Child's Benefits From My Father's Record To My Mother's Record?

I had just asked a question under "Can I Change My Disabled Adult Child's Benefits From My Father's Record To My Mother's Record?". please fully answer my question, can i change it or not?, i do not like how my father does things, he didn't even fill out my medical information so me and my mother (payee) were not able to obtain my medicine. please reply fully, thanks and sorry for asking two questions, even though it was the same one i asked before.


You can't change it unless your benefit rate would be higher on your mother's record.