Disabled Adult Child Benefits

Does Housing Assistance Affect Social Security Disability Payments?

I am legal guardian for my disabled 18-year old son who is currently receiving survivor benefits since my husband passed away in 2010. Though my son was disabled since age six, we never applied for ssdi, however, I will be doing so on his behalf very soon. I was told by our SSA office that if his disability application is approved, my son's survivor benefits will be converted to 'adult disabled child' benefits-And due to my husband's income history, my son will continue to receive approx.

Can Children Get Benefits From Both Parent's Records?

My children's father is collecting social security and my two disabled adult children were both approved (verbally in a hearing) to collect SSDI last month. We hope to get the Notice of Award soon. Because there are two of them, the amount they can collect is more than SSI but not by much. When I start to collect social security in about 8 years, will they be able to get SSDI from my social security also? If not, could one get it from mine and the other from their father?


Can A Disabled Adult Child Draw Benefits On One Parent's Record First, And Another Parent's Record Later?

Larry, can a disabled adult child start collecting a SSDI benefit based on his 58 year old mother's $500 SSDI benefit, then switch to a higher benefit when his 62 year old father starts collecting his own SS retirement benefit?