Disabled Adult Child Benefits

Will My Son's Benefit Rate Increase Now That My Wife Has Switched To Her Own Record?

My mentally ill disabled son, since age 19, receives the following from Social Security:
$226.37 SSI
$442.00 SSDI, own record
$510.00 SSDI, father's (my) record

My wife was also receiving a retirement benefit of $1264 from my record, but she has just switched to her own record.

1. Will my son now automatically receive a higher SSDI, the 50% of my FRA benefit ($1264)?
2. Will this amount be in addition to his own $442 SSDI?

Thank you.


What Can I Expect To Receive As A Disabled Adult Child?

I am currently 36 and receiving SSI. I was disabled before the age of 22, and plan to collect on his earnings record when he starts to collect social security. My mother will also be collecting on his record as his spouse. I don't know the exact amount I would get based on the family maximum. Will my starting monthly payment amount be the only amount I will ever receive? Or, will I be able to collect more in time with a survivor's benefit (one or both parents deceased)? What is the maximum percentage that I can ultimately receive? Thank you


Is Filing And Suspending Advantageous In My Case?

Although the File and Suspend strategy has little application today, one time that it is useful is when you have an adult child with disabilities. My understanding is that there is a two-year waiting period to be eligible for Medicare. I've suspended benefits while waiting to reach age 70. When I do start receiving benefits, my child will be eligible for 50% of my benefit plus Medicare.


Does A Disabled Adult Child Lose Their Benefits If Their Parent No Longer Qualifies For Benefits?

Hi Larry,
I have a question regarding Disabled Adult Child Benefits... If the parent is receiving SSDI when the adult child qualifies for benefits, but then later tries to go back to work, stopping parent's benefits, does the child lose their adult child benefits? Does the parent have to be actively receiving ssdi in order for the adult child to keep their benefit?


Am I Eligible For Any Back Pay?

im applying for dac benefits
if approved
im told since my dad never listed me on his retirements application as a disabled child. because of this,
i cant collect back pay & theres no way to appeal unless theres an error on the ssa behalf. the ssa is looking on my behalf at my initial ssi disability application i didnt fill out
to see if somewhere something is listed
that would allow this. im not sure exactly what they are looking for but it doesnt sound good
and 46k will be lost. Unless ask larry knows of a way. --peter