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If A DAC's Father Dies, Is He Required To Apply For Survivor Benefits Or Is It Automatic?

1. If a 26 year old DAC's father passes away, is it required that he apply for the survivor benefit or is it authomatic since he is already receiving SSI. 2. If he does begin receiving survivor benefits, will he be eligible for Medicare right away or will it be a 2 year waiting period.

Hi. If a person is collecting auxiliary (i.e. payable from the record of a living worker) benefits as a disabled adult child (DAC) on the record of a parent and if that parent dies, the DAC's benefits automatically convert to survivor benefits. The only way that the DAC could avoid receiving survivor benefits would be to withdraw their original application for auxiliary DAC benefits, and repay all of the benefits they received.

A conversion from auxiliary to survivor benefits has no effect on a DAC's Medicare eligibility. Medicare entitlement based on DAC eligibility begins with the 25th month of entitlement to DAC benefits, regardless of whether the DAC entitlement is based on the record of a living or deceased parent.

Best, Jerry

Feb 3 2023 - 4:19pm
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