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Can I Get My Own Check And Half Of My Dad's SS?

I have been disabled at 19 been married but never drawn SS from my dad someone said even know I draw my own check I can still get half his. That true after I divorced someone said go then sign up

Hi. The fact that you were married and divorced wouldn't prevent you from qualifying for disabled adult child (DAC) benefits from your father's account as long as you've never previously collected benefits from his record. However, if you're drawing Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits based on your own earnings history, you could only receive additional DAC benefits if your DAC benefit rate is higher than your own benefit rate. You can't collect both benefits in full.

Also, to be approved for DAC benefits you need to a) have been disabled before age 22, and b) you can't have performed any work that Social Security considers to be substantial gainful activity (SGA) since you turned age 22. In 2023, SGA for non-blind individuals is work that averages more than $1470 per month in earnings, but the monthly SGA amount was lower in previous years.

Best, Jerry

May 11 2023 - 6:46pm
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