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What Will Happen If I Go Over SGA Due To An Extra Pay Period?

Hello if I’m on SSD and go over My SGA by $40 due to a month having 5 weeks what will happen?

Hi. When evaluating substantial gainful activity (SGA), Social Security goes by the amount earned in a month rather than the amount paid. So, if the only reason for going over SGA is because of an extra paid period in a month, then it probably won't affect your benefits. However, you may need to prove to Social Security how much you actually earned in the month in question, so you'll want to keep copies of your payslips and submit them to Social Security if necessary.

Whether or not a single month of above SGA level earnings would affect your benefits depends on whether you've completed your trial work period (TWP), and if so, whether or not you've previously done any above SGA level work after your TWP ended. I would suggest contacting Social Security so that they can look up your records and let you know exactly what evidence of your earnings is needed.

Best, Jerry

May 2 2022 - 5:15pm
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