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Is There Any Way That My Brother Can Draw Benefits Based On My Social Security Contributions?

My brother is 53 years old and receives Social Security Disability and survivor benefits. He suffered a major head injury when he was 5 years old and was in special education classes throughout his school years. He lives independently but doesn't manage his finances, ongoing medical nor does he drive. I am his caretaker and have his power of attorney and am the representative payee with Social Security. Our parents have both passed away so it is just me taking care of him. Is there any way he can draw his Social Security based on my contributions? Victoria

Hi Victoria. No. Disabled adult child's (DAC) benefits can only be paid based on a parent's Social Security earnings, and Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits can only be paid on the disabled person's own earnings history. There is no Social Security benefit type that would allow someone to be paid benefits based on a sibling's Social Security record.

Best, Jerry

Apr 28 2022 - 12:40pm
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