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Will Capital Gains From The Sale Of My Condo Affect My SSDI?

Hello Larry - Will the sale of my condo and Capital Gains affect my SSDI? Is there a limit or a certain amount of Capital Gains that I will be able to receive without affecting my SSDI? Also, do family members who have been helping me with my mortgages and the expenses need to claim the portion of the proceeds that I will repay them?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi. As long as what you are receiving is Social Security disability (SSDI) and not Supplemental Security Income (SSI), then the answer to your question is no. Unlike SSI, SSDI benefits aren't needs based. Therefore, there is no limit on the amount of unearned income (e.g. capital gains) and resources that a person can have and still be able to qualify for SSDI benefits.

Best, Jerry

Apr 17 2022 - 2:27pm
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