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Can I Get Both SSI And SSDI At The Same Time?

CAN I get SSI and ssdi at the same time I receive ssdi at the time I am 63 which one will pay me the most can I get both

Hi. It's possible to get both Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments, but only if your SSDI benefit rate is relatively low. SSI is a needs based benefit that supplements a person's income up to a maximum amount. The maximum possible federal SSI payment amount in 2022 is $841, but if a person also receives SSDI benefits then their SSI payment amount is reduced dollar for dollar by all but at least the first $20 of the person's SSDI benefit rate.

For example, say Bob qualifies for up to the maximum SSI payment rate of $841, but he also qualifies for SSDI benefits. Bob's SSDI benefit rate is $500, which is his only income aside from SSI. Social Security would then subtract all but the first $20 of Bob's SSDI benefit amount from the full SSI payment amount, reducing Bob's SSI payment rate to $361 (i.e. $841 - $480). Bob would then be paid his full SSDI rate of $500 plus a partial SSI payment of $361 for a total amount of $861.

However, if Bob in the example above was receiving an SSDI benefit rate of $861 or more, his SSI would be reduced to zero and he would only be paid his SSDI benefit.

Best, Jerry

May 9 2022 - 9:22pm
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