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After The EPE Is Over Will Social Security Start Averaging SGA?

After EPE is over will social security start averaging sga

Hi. No. A person's extended period of eligibility (EPE) for Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits with the first month of substantial gainful activity (SGA) that occurs more than 36 months after their 9-month trial work period (TWP) ended. Earnings are not averaged during the EPE, so a single month of above SGA level earnings that occurs more than 3 years after the TWP ended would terminate the person's entitlement to SSDI benefits (

However, if a person's SSDI benefits terminate due to SGA occurring after the EPE and if they reapply for SSDI benefits, then averaging can be used to evaluate SGA for purposes of establishing a new period of SSDI entitlement.

Best, Jerry

Apr 22 2022 - 9:11am
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