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Will My Son And I Continue To Qualify For Benefits?

greetings ,, I have a blind disabled child since childhood and receive a benefit from my husband who was disabled since my son was a child ,,, my son received a continuity of my husband's benefit when he turned 18 years old I claimed it and I also disabled myself now that my son is an adult ,,,Well, my son is legally blind from birth and they applied the special optic bilateral atrophy law SS, they froze the right of protection for the blind of social security ,,, hey I ask you ,,my son would qualify to receive the 2 benefit of his father and mine his mother ,now,,


If your son has had surgery and no longer meets the blindness or non-blind disability requirements for disabled adult child (DAC) benefits, then his benefits could be terminated. And, you couldn't continue to qualify for child in care spousal benefits if your son's DAC benefits are terminated.

You would have to be at least age 62 to qualify for spousal benefits if you don't have an child in care who is eligible for benefits on your husband's record. However, if your husband dies before you you could potentially qualify for disabled widow's benefits as early as age 50, or regular widow's benefits as early as age 60. But, your benefit rate would be reduced for age if you start drawing spousal or survivor benefits prior to your full retirement age (FRA).

You don't mention your work history, but if you have enough Social Security work credits to be insured for Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits you could apply for those benefits at any time prior to your FRA.

Best, Jerry

Jul 20 2019 - 9:40am
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