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Is My Summary Accurate?

How would this situation play out for a Disabled Adult Child: Neither of the parents are currently filed for benefits. My understanding is that at least one would need to file before the DAC could receive SSDI benefits based on the parent's record. Ideally, the father would file now because the mother has a higher PIA and would like her to delay until her age 70. It is also probably fair to assume that the mother will outlive the father.
 The Father Files Now: DAC’s SSDI benefit will be 50% of the father’s PIA
 The mother Files at 70: DAC’s SSDI benefit increases to 50% of the mother’s PIA
 The father passes away: DAC’s benefit will be the higher of 50% of the mother’s PIA or 75% of father’s PIA
 Kathleen passes away: Sean bumps up to 75% of Kathleen’s PIA
Is this an accurate summary of how the benefit will change over time?


You're correct that a person can't receive disabled adult child's (DAC) benefits unless at least one of their parents is either deceased or drawing Social Security benefits. And, yes, the DAC benefit rates listed in the scenario you present are accurate provided that the family maximum benefit (FMB) doesn't cause the benefit rate to be lowered. The FMB shouldn't be a factor, though, as long as only one child is drawing benefits and neither of the parents is drawing spousal or widow(er) benefits.

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Best, Jerry

Jun 18 2019 - 11:14am
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