Filing For Benefits

When Can I File And What Does A Filing Date Refer To?

My question concerns specific details surrounding filing dates for spousal only benefits. My birth date is 11/22/53. My wifes date is 12/22/53. Since we were both born before 1954, I would like to claim spousal only benefits when we both reach FRA later this year, and have her claim her full benefit at age 66 in December. My understanding is that I must wait for her to file first, since I turn 66 exactly one month before her.

How Should My Husband Answer The Following Questions On The Social Security Application?

Hi Larry,
Bought revised Get What's Yours and a subscription to Maximize, and both have been a lot of help. Am now trying to grapple with the SSA-1-BK form before approaching SSA so we have the answers to all of their questions before my husband applies. I am confused on two things:

Will This Work Out?

I'm 68 1/2 and called SS today to start my benefits on 11/19. My wife turns 66 in Nov and applied online for spousal only effective 11/19. Will this work out? When they review my wife's online app, will it coordinate with them knowing I am starting benefits in Nov? Thanks very much


What Do I Do Now?

I received a letter from Social Security in July 2019, stating that I was getting ready to turn 70, October 27, 2019 and I should come into the office. I made an appointment for July 19, 2019 at 1:30 pm. I talked to the Representative and got some options. The Representative told me she would send me a paper in the mail letting me know how much I would receive from the SSA. I never applied for Social Security Benefits. I did give her my bank information.

What Type Of Notice Language Is Used When A Restricted Application Is Filed?

The typical Social Security award letter has either of the two following similar statements in it: "The benefits described in this letter is the only one you can receive from Social Security" or "This benefit is the only benefit you can receive from us at this time." However, in the case of a restricted application the applicant has what is called a "dual entitlement." Can you share with us the award notice language that a restricted applicant receives?

What Remarks Should I Enter On My Application When I File For And Suspend My Benefits?

I will be turning 66 in September and plan to go go to the SSA Office and apply for retirement benefits and then suspend my benefits until I reach age 70. I've read your book on "Get What's Yours" and you talk about to be sure you state what you want in the remarks section. If I state in the remarks to suspend my benefits until age 70, do I need to account for the 6-month retroactive pay? I don't want to wait until 70 and because of not being clear, it is identified that I want my benefits to start at age 69.5. What should be stated in the remarks section?

When Should I File My Restricted Application For Spousal Benefits?

My wife will be retiring 11/30 this year at age 65 and will begin to draw social security benefits on 1/1/20. I fall into the grandfathered age group and can claim a restricted application on spousal benefits. My question is this, when should I apply for those benefits? Do I need to wait until my wife has actually received her first check or is anytime after she has applied for her social security benefits okay. Thank you.


Should I File Online Or In Person?

Hi Larry, I will be turning 66 at the beginning of August and plan on filing for retirement coverage shortly, to commence in August. We have 2 kids under 18, so I will also be filing for child benefits for them, also to start in August. After reading all the horror stories in your excellent book about filing over the phone or even at the local SSA office, I was planning to file online for my benefits. However, I saw that child benefits cannot be applied for online, so should I apply for all 3 of us in person at the local SSA office so they get processed as a group?