Filing For Benefits

Have I Lost 2 Months?

What is the effective date of my application for social Security benefits? Specifically, I learned I should not have delayed my application and went to my local SS Office to apply. They could not make an appointment for me until 2 months later. So I drove across the state to another SS Office and the agent there said the actual date of my application would be the date I requested an appointment, not the date of the appointment. Is this correct? Have I lost 2 months? or not?


If I Receive Spousal Benefits For The Month I Turn 66 Will I Be Deemed To Have Also Filed For My Own Benefits?

In the receipt for my claim for spousal benefits, I state in the remarks that the application is restricted to spousal benefits so that I can earn delayed retirement credits on my own record. (I was born before 1954 so am eligible to file restricted application for spousal benefits and later switch to benefits on my own record.)

Am I Qualified To File Now?

I will be 66 on september 2018, and today is April 2018 i am qualified to file retirement now. thanks


The soonest that you can apply is 4 months prior to the month that you want to claim benefits. So, assuming that you mean you want to claim benefits starting with your full retirement age (FRA) the earliest that you could apply is May 2018 unless you happen to have been born on September 1st. In that case, your FRA for Social Security benefits would be August, and you could then file this month (i.e. April).

Do You Really Trust The Online Process?

My husband is 67 and one month and he is ready to file for his SS benefits. He retired from a university after 30 years. He receives a pension from that University. He went to work at Home Depot as a part-time specialist for the last 11 years. The university and HD paid into social security. He filed for medicare before turning 65 as required. What would be the best scenario to apply for his benefits, go to the office or file online? There are no special circumstances for us that I am aware of. I am his wife of almost 44 years and I just turned 65 in Jan. 2018.

How Do I Get My Deceased Wife's Social Security?

I am almost 64 years old. My wife died at 72 years old ( 12/23/16) She was collecting SSC
I am looking at a layoff from the company I work for. So I believe now will be a good time to retire.
How do I get her SSC?
Is it best to get hers before I start mine.
I am fortunate to have good savings and will not have to count on my SSC check,
Early retirement health insurance? Please comment on that.

Hi Terry,

I'm sorry for your loss.