Filing For Benefits

Can I Apply Before My Birthday?

Larry, My husband (63) will be applying for social security in October, 2017. I turn 66 (my FRA) in late January, 2018. I will be applying for restricted spousal benefits and let my social security grow until I am 70. Do I have to wait to fill out the application until my actual birthday 1/28/52 or can I apply a few months early so the benefits start soon after my birthday? No where have I read when you can complete the online application for restricted benefits, but I know I cannot receive benefits until my 66th birthday. Thank you.


Will My Wife Automatically Start Receiving Spousal Benefits?

My wife will be filing for her own reduced benefit of $554 at age 62 (02/09/1956) in February 2018 (her FRA would have been $817 at 66 & 4 months). I will be turning 66 in September 2018 (09/11/1952) and will be filing for my FRA of $2200/month. Will she automatically start receiving her Spousal Benefit when I start receiving my benefits, or does she need to apply? Can she delay applying for the spousal benefit until she reaches her FRA (June 2022) so she can get the full 50% of my benefit? Can this all be done online?


How Do We File?

according TO MAXIMIZE my social security, I have applied for my benefits (age 64) oct 2017. we have a 13 year old. it has recommended that I apply for mine and I should receive child benefits and that my wife ( 60 ) should apply for child in care do we do that ? is it based off my application or does she have to go thru her SS . When I applied online I show no area that indicates child in care , and she does not want to open her SS and mess things up.

Enlighten Me Please....


What Is The Procedure For Switching From Spousal Benefits To Retirement Benefits?

I will turn 70 on Dec. 8, 2017. I am currently receiving a spousal benefit based on my wife's full SS benefit, which started in Feb., 2017. What is the procedure for switching my spousal benefit to my full benefit on Dec. 8, and for switching my wife's current benefit to a spousal benefit based on my full benefit, which will be higher than her current benefit?


What Should I Be Aware Of For My Appointment With Social Security?

Dear Mr. Kotlikoff,

I subscribed to your SS maximizing website service several years ago, and had successfully persuaded my wife that I should wait until I turned 70 to take my Social Security benefit. I'm now going on 68 (January 10th, 2018), and Trish (my wife) is going to be 63 on January 16, 2018. I've also purchased and read both editions of the book you wrote with Philip Moeller and Paul Solman.

How Can I Make Sure To Avoid Signing Up For Something That's Not In My Best Interest?

My husband and I are both working at age 67 and 66 respectively. He decided to apply for his social security benefit based on already qualifying for maximum $ benefit.
When he did so on the telephone, the agent said: I see your wife has not applied and is still working. She advised that I apply for spousal benefit while I continue to work (my benefit is not at the maximum but may be after another 4 years of contributions).

How Should I File For Benefits?

I have been receiving a widow's Social Security benefit for many years, and have a question about switching to my own work record. I am trying to delay the switch as long as possible to maximize my benefit, but funds are tight and I might not make it to age 70. It might be closer to age 69; I am evaluating it month by month. Do you recommend doing the switch on the Social Security website, over the phone, or in person in the Social Security office? When I started the widow's benefit back in 2010, the only option I was given was to go into the office.

How Do I Make Sure That I Get My Full Age 70 Rate?

I will be 70 on April 14th, 1918. I want to start drawing, but not sure when to file for benefits. What do you recommend so I don't get shown as beginning at age 69?
Also my wife is currently drawing her benefits, but half of mine would give her a raise. Can she apply for half of my benefits once I start drawing.


You simply need to specify on your application that you want to elect benefits starting with the month you reach age 70, or April 2018 in your case. You can file your application up to 4 months in advance of that.

How Do I Get Social Security To Use My Record?

My husband is a disabled firefighter and recieves income from PERS - tax free. He draws some SS but is offset due to his profession.
I am a retired teacher and want to start drawing SS - now 65. I submitted my application. The letter stated I would get a small payment due to my offset on my SS number. However, I got another letter a couple of days later and it stated I would get 0- submitted under spousal SS number.
Both of us are affected by GPO and WEP - but both of us have 40 quarters from jobs outside our profession -- you know to pay the bills!!