Filing For Benefits

Do You Have Any Advice For Filing Retroactively?

Hi Larry: I understand you can file retroactively but there have been watch outs posted about the SS Administration retroing the applicant for 6 months costing them benefits.
In my case I would like to apply for age 70 benefits retro to September in late December. I am currently on my wife's record; I filed a restricted application previously and am presently taking spousal benefits. She will be filing for spousal benefits (retroactively the same time I file).

Do I Need To Be Concerned?

Larry, I am turning 66 in June, My wife is 63 and already claiming Social Security. I did my research and went into the local social security office to file a restricted application for my wifes spousal benefits only, so I will continue to earn Delayed Retirement Credits. The agent I talked too did not seem familiar with restricted applications and said I needed to file for spousal benefits based on my wifes record.

What Do My Wife And I Need To Do When We Turn 70?

My wife & I are almost the same age - now 69. In February of 2018 we both turn 70. In 2014, my wife did a File & Suspend procedure and then I filed for a restricted spousal benefit. Thank you for your software which alerted us to this strategy. So later this year, when I file for benefits in my own name and my wife unsuspends her benefits to begin in February 2018, can we do this process online, or must we go in person to the Social Security Office? Are there any gotchas or pitfalls we should look out for?


When Should I File My Application In Order To Claim Benefits At Age 70?

Hi Larry:
I filed a restricted application and am collecting on my wife's record. She claimed at age 62; I am planning on waiting until age 70.
I will turn 70 on September 14, 2018. At that time the plan is for my wife (who will be 67) to begin taking her spousal benefit, which will be substantially more than her own benefit.

Can I Still File A Restricted Application For Spousal Benefits Only?

I will turn 66 (my FRA) on April 3, 2017. My husband is 75 and collecting Social Security. I would like to "file and restrict my benefits to spousal benefits" and have my retirement benefit grow until age 70.
1) Am I correct (per your book "Get What's Yours") that I can do this under the 2015 grandfathering rule, i.e. no deeming of benefit, since I was 64 as of Jan 1 2016?

Was The Advice We Got About Filing Online Correct?

We sent our questions into "Ask Larry" on PBS, & did not receive any response. Now, we know why.

My wife, Cindy turns 66 on Aug. 11. I am 66. I turn 67 in July. I am already collecting SS on my own earning record. Cindy wants to start receiving restricted spousal SS benefits ASAP after she reaches full retirement age. Then, when she turns 70, she wants to switch to benefits based on her own record. Cindy wants to apply online.

How Do I Cancel My Online Application?

Greetings from Tokyo. I’m turning 70 on Aug 24, 2017, and recently began filling in the online application, per telephone guidance from the SSA service center. However, I seem to have begun the process too early (on Feb 6), as my partially completed, unsubmitted/unsigned online application is defaulting to start my benefits in June 2017, well before my 70th birthday, and with no way to choose an August or September start. This is not what I want as I had purposely delayed receiving benefits until age 70.