Filing For Benefits

When Should I Apply In Order To Start My Benefits At Age 70?

I'll turn 70 March 20, 2017 (DOB March 20, 1947). If I want to maximize my benefit, what date should I meet with social security and when should I start my annuity?


You can start the application process any time now, and you'll probably want to do it sooner rather than later. It often takes a month or more to get an appointment with Social Security.

Do I Need To Do Anything To Start My Benefits?

I will turn 70 on March 20, 2017. I applied for benefits and suspended them in Fall 2015. They have sent me a letter, which I received in December 2015, stating that my entitlement date is May 2015 and and my benefit rate is $1883. The letter also states that they will reinstate my benefits at age 70. Later last fall, they sent me a letter stating that my benefit amount was increased by approximately $8 due to income figures from 2015. The result is a benefit rate of $1991. This letter has been misplaced by me.

Can We Visit A Different Social Security Office Than The One Closest To Us?

My husband is 66.5 and plans on filing this month for benefits. A recent letter from SS says you receive an 8% increase for each year you delay filing until age 70. Question: if he waits until his 67th birthday (9/16); will he receive the 8% increase? I called Social Security with this question, and they advised us to go to my local office where they'd be able to do the projection. They further said we MUST go to the local office determined by our zip code (which is in an area we don't feel is safe). Are you aware of any rule that supports that?


How Do I Switch From Spousal Benefits To Benefits On My Own Record?


What is the process to switch from receiving spousal benefits to filing for benefits under your own earnings record/social security number?

I've scoured many social security websites but can't seem to find a concise answer.



You'll need to file a separate application to start benefits on your own record. If your own benefit rate is higher than the spousal benefit, the spousal benefits will stop when your own benefits start.

How Far In Advance Do We Need To File?

My wife and I have run the maximization software. I will be 66 on July 16, 2018. My wife will be 64 on May 1, 2018. The software indicates that she should file for her own benefit in July, 2018, and that I should file for a spousal benefit that same month (July, 2018). Should my wife file before I file? If so, how far in advance of my filing should she file?

Hi David,

Will Social Security Know If My Wife Qualifies For Spousal Benefits?

When my wife files for social security benefits will the SSA automatically know and apply the spousal benefit for her ? She is eligible for a benefit on her own record but not as much as the spousal benefit will be.
Regards dlt


Your wife would need to file separate applications for retirement benefits and spousal benefits. The applications ask for marital information, and Social Security uses that information to determine if the person filing is eligible for spousal benefits.

Best, Jerry

When Should I Apply For Social Security Benefits?

My wife retired at 62 to take care of aging mother and help daughters with our grandchildren. I am still working and just turned 65 and filed for Medicare. My goal is to keeping working as long as God gives me good mind and health, so would start taking SS at age 70. So when I turn 66, I need to file and suspend? So when I turn 70, I can go to SS website and say I am ready to start collecting? Is that all I need to do?

Why Does The Online Application Ask About My Monthly Earnings In 2016?

I recently completed my Social Security retirement application online and didn't understand question 23, which asked to list each month of 2016 in which I did not or will not earn more than $1310? I am not eligible for benefits until March 2017. I thought these exempt months count only when I start receiving benefits. Thank you.