Filing For Benefits

When Can My Husband File His Application For Spousal Benefits?

I filed an online application in September, 2019 to start my own benefit for December, 2019 at FRA. It has been 8 weeks and is still processing. Plan is when I am approved, my husband will file for spousal benefit on my record . His FRA (66) was Feb, 2019. He did not file for his benefit and is still working. How do we make it very clear that he is filing a Restricted Application.? Should we wait for my application approval to file for his spousal? And can we request his spousal to begin Dec , the first month I am eligible for benefit with no reduction.?

On What Exact Date Do I Apply For Social Security Retirement Benefits To Maximize My Benefit Rate?

On what exact date
do I apply for Social Security Retirement Benefits
to make sure I maximize my Social Security Retirement Benefits
(Primary Insurance Amount)
at/after age 70?

My date of birth is in Oct. 1950.

I am currently delaying benefits and need to know the exact date to apply to maximize benefits and where this answer is in writing...

How Do I Ensure That I Get All Of My DRCs On My First Check?

Larry, turning 69 half in Nov, applying for SS benefits to start Jan 2020 so first check feb, What do i put on the ss application to ensure i get all the DRC on that first check vs the 2 year delay thank you


As long as you specify January 2020 as your month of election to start your Social Security retirement benefits you'll be credited with all of the delayed retirement credits (DRC) you'll earn through December 2019. By the way, Social Security pays benefits behind a month, so your payment for January won't be due until February.

What Does It Mean When SS Says If You're 70 And Start An Online Application You Can Lose Your Ability To Claim SS If You Don't Finish By A Certain Date?

What is the meaning of SS saying if you are 70 and you start an online application for benefits, if you don't finish it by a certain date in November you can lose your ability to claim your SS?


How Long Do We Have To Wait To Apply For Spousal Benefits?

My husband turned 66 last July and I (his wife) turned 66 last June. We want to take advantage of the restricted application. Once one of us applies for their full retirement benefits, how long do we have to wait until the other spouse applies for their spousal benefit? Do we have to wait until one of us is actually receiving their full retirement benefits? Or can we apply for full and spousal benefits at the same time online?
Thank you.


How Do I Answer The Reduced Benefits Question?

I'm filling in the SS application. I'm 65 now and will be 66 in 3 months. I don't want the SS to start until I'm 66 to take advantage at tha5t age. How do I answer the "reduced benefits" question?


I'm not sure what question you're referring to, but if you're filing online and you want your benefits to start effective with the month you reach age 66 you can simply specify that month as your month of election to begin benefits.

Best, Jerry

Can Someone Help Me?

Yes my name is Jessica I'm from Central SC but am living in woodruff sc my whole life ive been getting social security and my mom was over it . I got locked up and then they stopped it... The whole reason I was getting social security was because I can't work because I have bad seizures about 2 and a halF years ago I've not been able to take care of my self and can't get a job because of my seiures I filled out the application for social security and been waiting for some time now and I really need my SSI disability can someone please help me

Hi Jessica,

How Soon Must My Wife File Before I Turn FRA?

I turn 66 Dec 2nd 2019 and qualify for a spousal benefit since I was born Dec 2nd 1953..I understand my wife born Jan 2nd 1956 must file before me. Its Sept 16th 2019 now. How soon must my wife apply for her SS before I turn FRA Dec 2nd 2019? Can she suspend her SS after I file for a Restricted application one i get my spousal benefit? We are 65 and 63 years old now and both still working. Problem is we will have a tax issue unless my wife retires soon after she files. Thanks for your help!


Should I Be Worried?

I am 66. I was born in 1953. I started to draw spousal benefits this summer, and intend to draw my own increased benefit at the age of 70, as I know I am allowed. I find it somewhat disconcerting that some people I spoke with in the SS administration did not seem well versed in this soon to disappear strategy. None of the paperwork I received during the application process explicitly mentioned my right to refile at age 70. Additionally, the SS website which formerly listed my future benefit at age 70 no longer lists that amount, which bothers me more than anything.