Filing For Benefits

Am I Able To Work Full-Time And Still Receive Full Social Security Benefits?

Dear Larry,
I will reach FRA on Nov. 6, 2018, and my wife will reach FRA on Oct. 10, 2018. I have more than needed SS credits to receive benefits while my wife is eligible for health benefits but does not have enough credits for other benefits.

I would like file and receive benefits beginning 01/02/2019 but would like to continue working at least part-time. When should I file the requisite paperwork with Social Security Admin to receive my first check in Jan or Feb 2019? Am I able to work full-time if I decide to do so and still receive full SS benefits?

Is There A Problem With My Application?

I applied for social security online today and submitted my application. When I returned using my re-entry number and social security number, I got the following message: "we cannot process your request online because some information we have on file is different than the information you provided." Is this simply because I submitted it and can no longer make changes? Or is there a problem with my application?


What Do I Need To Put On My Application Regarding When I Want To Start My Benefits?

I am getting ready to apply for spousal benefits. Where the form asks when I want to start my benefits do I put my actual birth date or my birth month? My birthday is at the end of the month. Thanks for you help.


You only need to specify the month, not the day. Before submitting your application, though, you should strongly consider using our maximization software to make sure that you are choosing the optimal filing strategy.

Best, Jerry

When Should I File My Application?

I turn 66 January 2019. I want to file for my S.S. My question is, do I file 3 months before Jan 2019 in order to receive my first check in Jan?? (or how soon to apply... I still want my checks to start my birth month in 2019)

Hi Jo,

If your birthday isn't on the 1st of January and you want to receive unreduced benefits, then your first payment won't arrive until February 2019. Social Security benefits are paid in the month after the month for which the benefits are payable.

When Should I Apply For My Social Security Benefits?

I turned 70 on 8/14/2017. I have not applied for SS benefits on my own record. I am receiving spousal benefits. What date should I apply for SS to insure I get my full 48 DRC plus six months retroactive payment? I don’t want the retroactive payment to deduct from my DRC, nor do I want to lose a month of retroactive payments. The SS office in January did not seem to be able to give me a start date later than the protected filing date which would result in one of these effects.


How Will The Switch From Widow's Benefits To My Own Benefits Work?

When my husband died I began to receive his SS benefit. Upon turning 70, I am going to apply for SS. How will this work? Thank you.


You'll simply need to file an application for retirement benefits with Social Security. You can do so up to 4 months in advance of the month you turn age 70, and you can file either by phone or in person at a Social Security office. Then, assuming your retirement benefit rate is higher than your widow's rate, the latter benefits will stop.

Best, Jerry

When Should I Cancel My Spousal Benefits And File On My Own Record?

I am 69. My birth date is 12/27/1948. I will be 70 on 12/27/2018

I have been married for 18 years. My wife started getting social security payments last year. She makes/made more money than I do. She started taking her Social Security benefits before she was at full retirement, because of an expensive illness.

I have not applied for my social security, but I have filed for spousal benefits and.
when I started getting getting monthly spousal benefits in September 2017, I also got a one time pay out of $5,000+.

How Is This Possible?

I started my SSI application on my 62nd birthday and have not completed or submitted my application. Recently I read further into the letter and found disturbing verbiage that states:
"We may use 7/27/17 as the official date of your application. In order to use 7/27/17, we must receive the signed application by 01/28/2018 or you may lose Social Security benefits." How is this possible, if I am still trying to determine if I want to take early benefits or wait , when I haven't even submitted a completed application?


How Do I Notify Social Security To Make Sure My Benefits Start Appropriately?

I plan to retire Dec 31 2019 at the age of 66 - my birthday being Dec 31st. My month amount of SSN is $2000. 1st question when do I notify my employer and Social Security to make sure my benefits start appropriately. 2nd How much can I make a year working part time with out losing any my full monthly benefit?


Can I File My Applications At The Same Time?

We have run the possible scenarios through the Maximize My Social Security application. My wife will be 65 in March 2018 and I will be 66 in September 2018. The best scenario presented was for her to file now and me to file and suspend in September and apply for Spousal benefits. Some questions concerning the process:
Can I file/suspend and apply for spousal benefits at the same time this September or should they be done separately? We intend to complete all applications online (per your recommendation).