Filing For Benefits

Will My Husband Be Penalized For Waiting Until Age 69 To File For Part B Of Medicare?

I will retire Jul 1 2019.from a NYC agency. I become 65 5/22/19. My spouse has been retired and covered under my medical. We both will sign up for Medicare Part B. Will he be penalized for waiting until now that he is 69? His DOB 9/13/49. He collects SSA check since 2011 when he retired at 62. Do we apply online or in SSA office? When do I apply, since I retire 7/1/19?


Will I Be Able To Stop My Application If The Benefit Amount Is Too Low?

How would you explain a discrepancy among the retirement benefit calculators at and with agents as well as my SS Statement?
The Online Calculator, Retirement Estimator as well as my SS Statement state one amount for my PIA while the Quick Calculator, Detailed Calculator and an agent at my local SS office state a different amount. The difference is about $84, which would be 2-3 weeks of food for me, so it matters.

Can I Submit A Restricted Application For Spousal Benefits At The Same Time My Husband Applies?

Can I submit my restricted application for my spousal benefit at the same time my husband applies for soc sec, or do I have to wait until his application is approved?


Yes, you can apply for spousal benefits at the same time that your husband files for his benefits and before his claim is approved. You can only file a restricted application for spousal benefits effective with the month that you reach full retirement age or later, but you could submit your application up to 4 months before then.

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What Will The Online Application Ask Me About My Plans To Continue Working?

I will be at full retirement age next month (February, 2019). I have not yet applied for social security but I plan to apply online soon. I am self-employed and plan to keep working after retirement. Because I need to anticipate what the online application form will ask me regarding my plan to continue working beyond full retirement age, can anybody explain what the online form will require as it pertains to my plan to continue working (questions, documents, etc)?


Why Am I Unable To File Online?

I will be 66 in February, 2019. I tried to apply online for social security but it won't let me past the first page. I get the error "We cannot create an account for the social security number you entered". I know it is correct, of course. The only thing I can think of is that the system already has my SS # since I filed for Medicare a year ago.

I need answers, as I refuse to use the local Social Security office. I must get this done online. Please advise!


Which Month Should I Choose In Order To Get My FRA Benefit Rate?

I turn my FRA of 66 this April 15th 2019 (Born 1953). I began a Retirement application with the SSA to begin collecting my benefits as soon as possible after hitting my FRA.
My question is in the section where they ask when I want my benefits to begin, do I put April 2019 or May 2019 ? I want to make sure I receive 100% of my FRA benefit.

Thank You


How Can I Get Social Security To Process My Payments?

Dear Larry,
I filed for SS at a local office when turned 65, but was denied as the clerk was unaware that my 20+ years of work in Canada can be added to my 6 US credits. I filed an appeal online, but was ignored even though I got a confirmation that it was received. Then I sent another appeal with all the paperwork to a PO Box in Maryland. Once again, no reply. It has been 3 years since I was supposed to get my SS. How can I get them to reply and process my payments? The phone contact is beyond dysfunctional.
Thank you


When Can I File My Restricted Application For Spousal Benefits?

I was at the Social Security office today, offering paper work for my wife'=
s application. As I was there, I wanted to know if I had to wait until I turned 66 to file an restricted application, I turn 66 in March 2019, the young lady told me that I didn't need to wait since I was filling against my wifes earnings, Everything I have read indicated I would have to waituntil I turned 66 to file my restricted application, Which is correct??
Thanks for your help

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