Filing For Benefits

Why Was My Wife Denied Spousal Benefits?

My wife turns 66 on May 7th 2020. She doesn't qualify for benefits on her own since she was a stay at home mother. She has applied for spousal benefits to start in May of this year under my earnings record. I am already taking my benefit since I turned 66 in 2018. Social Security has denied her benefits stating that she doesn't have the needed work credits. We didn't apply on her work credits but instead applied for spousal benefits. Why was she denied? I think it is an error. We have been married for over 44 years. What do I need to do to correct the error?

Can I File For Social Security Even If I Live In Jamaica?

I work in the usa for more than10 years I was in the USarmy for 4 years and the reserves for 6 years I now lives in Jamaica can I file for social security I will be 64 in may


Yes, you can apply for Social Security benefits. You should be able to qualify for Social Security retirement benefits as long as you have at least 40 quarters, or 10 years, of Social Security coverage. However, your benefit rate will be reduced for age if you start drawing prior to your full retirement age (FRA), which if you were born in 1956 is 66 and 4 months.

Is It Possible To Do All Of My Family's Claims Online?

I will be retiring and drawing Social Security next year. I have a spouse and a disabled adult child (disabled since birth). I've purchased the software to maximize my benefits and am really happy with it. Thank you so much for that. My question is regarding filing online versus in-person. Ultimately we will be filing for my retirement benefits, my wife's retirement and spousal benefits, my daughter's SSDI on my account and my wife's caregiver for DAC benefit. Is it possible to do all of this online or must some of it be done in-person?


If I Go To The Social Security Office Are They Able To Change My Start Date To An Earlier Month?

Hello, I was approved for social security benefits 2 days ago and chose the start date to be March, thinking it would be March 1st. Now I understand the first payment wont be until April 15. I called the rep at Social Security and she told me my account had already been adjudicated so I would need to go into a local office to change the start date. I called back got a different rep who told me I would have to start the process all over from the beginning.

What Specific Remarks Do I Need To Add To My Application If I Don't Want Retroactive Benefits?

I used your software a few years ago and have read your book several times and your advice has been very helpful. My 70th birthday is this coming March 27th and am now going file for my retirement benefit, and will file online. I need to know the specific remarks I need to make in the remarks section to refuse retroactive benefits, as I do not want to make the mistake of having SS reverse my delayed credits. Thank You, John

Hi John,

When Should I File My Application If I Want To Start Drawing At Age 70?

Hello - I am going to turn 70 in January 2021 and am planning to hold off on applying for my Social Security until then, for full extended benefits, and am hoping to quit my job at that time and live off of my Social Security (since I don't have savings to live off of) Can you confirm what time I should apply for Social Security to get the full extended benefits monthly deposit put into my checking account the earliest possible date, and what that date would be. That would help me plan ahead.

When Can My Husband File His Application For Spousal Benefits?

I filed an online application in September, 2019 to start my own benefit for December, 2019 at FRA. It has been 8 weeks and is still processing. Plan is when I am approved, my husband will file for spousal benefit on my record . His FRA (66) was Feb, 2019. He did not file for his benefit and is still working. How do we make it very clear that he is filing a Restricted Application.? Should we wait for my application approval to file for his spousal? And can we request his spousal to begin Dec , the first month I am eligible for benefit with no reduction.?

On What Exact Date Do I Apply For Social Security Retirement Benefits To Maximize My Benefit Rate?

On what exact date
do I apply for Social Security Retirement Benefits
to make sure I maximize my Social Security Retirement Benefits
(Primary Insurance Amount)
at/after age 70?

My date of birth is in Oct. 1950.

I am currently delaying benefits and need to know the exact date to apply to maximize benefits and where this answer is in writing...

How Do I Ensure That I Get All Of My DRCs On My First Check?

Larry, turning 69 half in Nov, applying for SS benefits to start Jan 2020 so first check feb, What do i put on the ss application to ensure i get all the DRC on that first check vs the 2 year delay thank you


As long as you specify January 2020 as your month of election to start your Social Security retirement benefits you'll be credited with all of the delayed retirement credits (DRC) you'll earn through December 2019. By the way, Social Security pays benefits behind a month, so your payment for January won't be due until February.