Filing For Benefits

How Should I File For Benefits?

I have been receiving a widow's Social Security benefit for many years, and have a question about switching to my own work record. I am trying to delay the switch as long as possible to maximize my benefit, but funds are tight and I might not make it to age 70. It might be closer to age 69; I am evaluating it month by month. Do you recommend doing the switch on the Social Security website, over the phone, or in person in the Social Security office? When I started the widow's benefit back in 2010, the only option I was given was to go into the office.

How Do I Make Sure That I Get My Full Age 70 Rate?

I will be 70 on April 14th, 1918. I want to start drawing, but not sure when to file for benefits. What do you recommend so I don't get shown as beginning at age 69?
Also my wife is currently drawing her benefits, but half of mine would give her a raise. Can she apply for half of my benefits once I start drawing.


You simply need to specify on your application that you want to elect benefits starting with the month you reach age 70, or April 2018 in your case. You can file your application up to 4 months in advance of that.

How Do I Get Social Security To Use My Record?

My husband is a disabled firefighter and recieves income from PERS - tax free. He draws some SS but is offset due to his profession.
I am a retired teacher and want to start drawing SS - now 65. I submitted my application. The letter stated I would get a small payment due to my offset on my SS number. However, I got another letter a couple of days later and it stated I would get 0- submitted under spousal SS number.
Both of us are affected by GPO and WEP - but both of us have 40 quarters from jobs outside our profession -- you know to pay the bills!!

Will I Need To File Separately For Spousal Benefits?

I will be filing for Social Security at FRA for January 2018, husband filing at FRA for April 2018. I understand when I file, I will be deemed to have also applied for spousal benefits, but have to fill out an application to establish such. Do I need to wait until April to file for spousal benefits or am I able to file ahead of time when I file for my husband's SS for April? Also, is there a specific SS application for the spousal benefits? My benefit will be around $800, husband's around $2400. Thanks for your help.


How Can I Change My Month To Start Benefits?

I just read an answer you gave to someone who had just applied for social security benefits and then realized he wanted to change the start date to a month earlier. You told him he could do that by calling the SS office. However, he's still a couple of months out from the date he wants to change to. I want to do the same, but it is August 6, 2017 today, and I want to bump up my start date for actually receiving benefits from October to September. I did not realize when I originally signed up for September that the benefits won't start coming until October.

When Should I File My Application?

I am a "Maximize" purchaser. I will turn 66 on September 9th this year and plan on applying for my Spousal Benefit. My wife (68) is already collecting her SS. My question is, when would be a "safe" date for me to apply? I know that I can apply (up to 4 months?) early, but I don't want Social Security to start it before I turn 66, thus reducing my payments.

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