Filing For Benefits

What's The Best Way To Apply For Benefits In My Case?

My 66th birthday is this October (i.e. I reach my FRA 10/2020) and I plan on applying for benefits. I enrolled in Medicare A/B/D effective with my 65th birthday and have been making payments out of pocket.

As I understand it, I must have Medicare premiums withheld from Nov and Dec checks in order for the 'hold harmless' provision to apply this year. (Given recent covid events, I'd guess upcoming COLA will be minimal and Part B premium increase will be sizable.)

Can My Wife And I File Online?

I am currently receiving spousal benefits from my wife, who filed when she was 66. She is now 67. I turn 70 in the beginning of May and want to claim my benefits and would want her to receive spousal benefits from mine. What needs to done? Is it able to be done on line? Thank you


You may be able to file for your benefits online, but your wife would have to file for spousal benefits by calling Social Security. They can take applications by phone even if their offices remain closed to the public due to the coronavirus.

How Should My Wife And I Apply For Benefits?

Hi Larry, or Team MMSC,

I have purchased, and already run dozens of retirement scenarios on your excellent MaxMySocSec software. I am so pleased to have found your software, and ancillary retirement strategy and filing information. I have also printed Form SSA-1-BK (03-2019) to manually prepare drafts as learning exercise, before completing the online application. Following is retirement scenario for my wife and I, our retirement plan, and then my questions:

How Can I Apply For Benefits If I Can't File Online?

Larry, I reach 70 in a few months and need to file for Social Security under my own record, having delayed my benefit to receive maximum DRCs. I am currently receiving spousal benefits only. I understood from a previous question that I can’t apply online, and must either apply in person or by phone. Do you have any information about how those of us who must call to apply are faring during the COVID-19 pandemic? Any words of advice on how to ensure this goes smoothly? Thanks for the great advice that is enabling us to increase our income in our later years.

What Amount Should My Ex-Wife Receive?

my ex wife filed for her early retirement on dec 5 2019,she turns 62 in feb 2020 she also filed on my ss retiremnt which is 2310 per mo for my full retirement at age 66. iI am now 76 ,we were married 11 years ,she has not remarried.The social security office determined an early retirement amount of 673 on her work record and an amount of 769 on my record. The office person said she would get a combined sum of 673 + 769 for a total of 1442 per month ibeleive this is incorrect, using your formulas I calculate closer to 815 per mo.

What Special Language Should I Use On My Application?

I will turn 70 in August. My wife will be 67 at that time. I want to make sure that I receive my full benefit for 70 and have no look back period applied. What special language should I use in the comments section to avoid any problems? Also, my wife will be applying as a faasf. What language should she use in the comments section to avoid receiving her own benefits. We are Maxifi members. Finally, when would be the best time to apply for both. Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark,

Is It Best To File Online, Or At The Social Security Office?

My birth date is 06-12-1950 I will be 70 on June 12th, i plan on filing for my benefits in march.Is it best to file on line or in the office. My wife will be 64 on 04-07-20 she plans to retire the end of July. I will retire dec.31-2020. She can file after me right? Will her benefits be half of mine.


I don't think there's any best way to apply for benefits. If you're comfortable filing online, then that may be easier for you. But, you could also file by phone or in person at a Social Security office. It's just up to you.