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What Would Happen To My Client's Disability Benefits If He Sells His Home?

I am a real estate agent in NJ. I have a prospective client who would like to sell his home and move to a more tax friendly state. Currently, he receives approx $14,000 in SSDI and Food Stamps. The home he owns would net him about $350,000 after expenses. His concern is that if he sells the home, he would no longer qualify for his current benefits. In addition, there would be a "look back" where he would be required to return benefits to SSA for the entire time period he received benefits which has been 22 years,

Hi. As long as the type of benefit that your potential client receives is Social Security disability (SSDI) and not Supplemental Security Income (SSI), then selling his home wouldn't have any effect on his current, past or future Social Security benefits. My expertise doesn't extend to the food stamp program, though, so I can't tell you what effect if any a home sale might have on those benefits.

Best, Jerry

Apr 6 2023 - 5:41pm
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