Supplemental Security Income

Would My Cousin's Disability Benefits Be Affected By The Sale Of His Home?

A cousin, on SSDisability, owns his house. If he sells that house does it affect his Disability payments?


No, assuming that your cousin receives Social Security disability benefits (SSDI). However, if he receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI), then those payments could potentially be terminated as a result of selling a home.

Best, Jerry

What Is The Effective Date That My SSI Will Start?

I applied for disability in May of 2014. My husband made too much for me to file for SSI. 3 months later his job changed within the company and he began traveling. By April of 2015 he was spending most of the month away from home. Physically I could not handle all of the trips to grocery shop, doctors appts, bill paying and caring for our sons. I was drained and had become very depressed being unable to keep up. Unable to change departments, he quit his job in May and returned to self employment allowing him some of the freedom to care for me/us.

What Do I Need To Do?

I'm currently retired but thinking about returning to work full time. If I do what doni need to do. I'm currently receiving SSI.


If you mean that you are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), your payments would likely be reduced if you work and earn more than $65 per month. In that case, you should notify Social Security if you do start working.

What's The Most That A Husband On SSDI Could Receive In Order For His Wife To Keep SSI?

What's the amount a husband can make on ssdi in order for his. Wife to keep SSI


Assuming they live together, the husband's SSDI would likely need to be under around $1,100+ in order for his wife to potentially still qualify for SSI (Supplemental Security Income). There are many variables involved in determining SSI eligibility and rates, however, so you would need to check with Social Security to be sure.

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Can SSI Cut My Daughter's Benefits If She's Not Paying A Fair Share Of Household Expenses?

Can SSI cut my adult daughter's benefits because "she cant meet her fair share of household expenses?" She lives with her step-dad, younger sister and I. Our mortgage is $2,888.00. And SSI said your mortgage indicates that we make too much money therefore they cut her nenefits from $735.00 to $490.00. How can i get her the maximum benefit?


What Is Supplemental Security Income?

Hi Larry,
My wife will be turning 66 year in November 2017. She received a letter from Social Security Administration that she is entitled additional income in the form of Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

We wonder what is this and when is the best time to start taking. Does it have any positive effects on spousal benefits? Looking forward to your suggestions.