Supplemental Security Income

When I Reach Age 66 Will I Still Receive Both SSI And Social Security?

If I'm receiving SSI due to an illness as 66 do I still get social security check alsoand I still receive both SSI and social security


For the benefit of other readers, SSI is the abbreviation for Supplemental Security Income. SSI is a needs based program administered by the Social Security Administration, but the benefits aren't paid from the Social Security trust fund. Only people who are either blind, disabled, or age 65 or older can qualify for SSI payments.

Are There Any Laws That Stipulate I Must File For Disabled Adult Child's Benefits If I Receive SSI?


My mother has just filed for Social Security. I am living with her, and have been blind since birth. I have now been put on a mandatory child adult disability benefit. I was told if I did not apply, I would be no longer eligible for supplemental security income. Are there any laws that stipulate this in writing? Also, I cannot find anywhere on the Internet that says what the Sga earnings are for someone who is blind, and now is on child adult disability benefits. Thank you very much for your help.


Does The Stimulus Check Count For The SSI Resource Limit?

Does the stimulus check amount count for SSI resource limit in the bank account? After receiving the stimulus check I'm over the resource limit in my bank account. Is this a problem or not? Thanks a lot for your attention.


Social Security has announced that stimulus payments will be excluded from counting as a resource for purposes of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program for 12 months (

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Should I File An Appeal?

I am drawing SSI and elagiable for Difficulty of care act payments. Is this something they can take out of my SSI? Reporting requirements state earned and unearned income must be reported. This payment is not taxable and nor refundable at end of year. It's considered reimbursement. SS says it is to be deducted. Should I appeal this or just deal with IT?
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Does SSA Affect The Amount Of Benefits I Receive From SSI?

Does my ssa effect my the amount of benefits I receive from ssi?


Yes. If you qualify for both Social Security benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments, your SSI payments would be reduced dollar for dollar by at least all but the first $20 of your monthly Social Security benefits. SSI is a needs based program that's designed to supplement any other income you may have, including Social Security benefits.

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How Long Can I Legally Put Off Filing For Disabled Adult Child's Benefits?

i have been on ssi since 2010 (aged 30). I was disabled prior to age 22, but did not know about SSI until that time. I successfully completed a cdr in 2017 and am still on SSI, and am now 40.

My father has applied for his retirements benefits, and I am being required by law to apply for DAC benefits on his record. I have not yet filed my application for DAC benefits, though I have an appointment coming up within a few weeks to begin the process.

If I Get Married Will I Lose My Back Pay?

I had an attorney and fought my case for 3 years I was awareded SSI and back pay for 3 years. SSI says I can not get the lump sum they will speed it into 3 payments at 3mo, 6mo and final amount 6mo so we’ll over a year free I was awarded. They paid my attorney a lump sum off the top. If I get married will I lose my back pay? I understand I may lose my current monthly benefits but unsure of the back pay owed to me.