Supplemental Security Income

Is There A Way I Can Reinvest Money From The Sale Of Property?

Is there a way that I can reinvest money from the sale of a property deeded over to me. I receive only $835.00 a month in ssa and ssi. I am selling the house because I cannot afford the expenses. I already owe my sister several thousand dollars for mortgage payments, taxes and utilities on this house. I can't afford to lose my minimal income.


If I Sell My Home Can Social Security Take Money From The Proceeds?

If I receive SSI benefits and Medicaid, if I were to sell my home, could they take money from me from the proceeds to my sale of my home? I understand that they can take you off SS a high, but if you’re going to reinvest in the home, how can they take that away if you have no other income?


If you sell your home it could cause your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments to stop, but you would not have to forfeit any of the proceeds from the sale of your home.

Would Payments I Receive For Providing Adult Foster Care Be Counted As Income?

I receive SSI and SSDI. I have two children who also receive SSI. My roomate gets PCA services and it was offered to me to be her adult foster parent. I currently get paid as a PCA and it counts against me. Would this stipend for adult foster care be counted as income? I have called the SS office multiple times and get a different answer every time... they say no it's foster care or yes it counts as income since you are performing a service. I can find publications that say foster care payments do not count but she is an adult foster..

Will My Granddaughter Lose Her SSI If I Adopt Her?

I’m 67 drawing SS. I have custody of my disabled granddaughter who receives SSI and medicaid. I’m
Going back to court to get full custody. Should I ask to adopt her and if I do will she lose her SSI because I also receive a VA disability & a teacher state Retirement. I don’t want her to lose her check or her Medicaid because of the cost of Tricare. Her mother is also receiving SSI. There is no father in the picture.