Supplemental Security Income

Will My SSI Be Reduced When I Start Drawing A Pension?

IAM going to receive a pension next month and I receive SSi will that affect my SSI in other words will that may be have a reduced incomes or


Yes, if you are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and you become eligible for a pension then in all likelihood your SSI payments will be reduced roughly dollar for dollar by the amount of your pension. SSI is a needs based benefit, so any change in your income or resources can have an impact on your eligibility for SSI or your payment amount.

Can I Draw My Deceased Husband's Disability?

Hi I'm 52 years old and my husband died last year he was drawing supplemental income because of he didn't pay enough in to get the other . His was the only income . I have applied for disability myself and was denied. I have been mentally unable to reapply do to loosing him. I am pretty much homeless and unable to work . Can I draw his disability?


I'm sorry for your loss.

How Can I Ensure That My Daughter Gets The Coverage She Needs?

My daughter is disabled and receives SSI but the problem is they base her benefits off my income. Everytime I make too much money her benefits shut off. She loses her medical coverage and misses her Drs for the entire month. Including speech therapy occupational therapy and specialist. She is 5 years old and can't talk. My daughter has down syndrome. She is completely deaf and has cochlear implants. I have been to social security at least 10 times this year trying to find a way for it to stop. My daughter is being medically neglected by a service she should be benefiting from.

How Would Getting Married Affect My Friend's Benefits?

My friend gets SSI and she met someone who wants to marry her, what would happen to her SSI if they marry and would she be able to get spousal SS when he retires. Thank you


If by SSI you are referring to Supplemental Security Income (SSI), then getting married could adversely impact your friend's benefits. SSI is a needs based benefit, and if you're married and living with your spouse then their income and resources are considered when determining whether or not you meet the financial hardship requirements for eligibility.

Can I Wait Until Full Retirement Age To Claim My Social Security And Continue Receiving SSI?

I am receiving $771.00/mo. from SSI and turn 62 on 8/4/19. Social security is saying that I MUST take my retirement benefit now, rather than when I turn 66 and 6 months old. My entitlement letter says my payments are based on disability, not anything resembling 'needs-based'. I want to wait and my question is can I? Can I simply do nothing, and expect my SSI to keep coming as is, or could SocialSecurity automatically change it to the lesser early benefit of $934.00/ mo. as opposed to the $1294.00 I'll receive at 66 1/2 years old?

Is There A Way I Can Reinvest Money From The Sale Of Property?

Is there a way that I can reinvest money from the sale of a property deeded over to me. I receive only $835.00 a month in ssa and ssi. I am selling the house because I cannot afford the expenses. I already owe my sister several thousand dollars for mortgage payments, taxes and utilities on this house. I can't afford to lose my minimal income.