Supplemental Security Income

Is It True That My Mother Must File For Survivor Benefits?

HELP.. My mother has been divorced 32years.. and has Medicare, Medicade and SSI. She has chronic health issues... stroke related and needs caregivers several hours a day.. all of her medical care is covered and medicines... Recently my father passed away... she received a notice that she would receive widows benefits. At first glance that seems great; however this puts her above the income limit to receive the much needed medicade and SSI service..We do not want the widows benefit..

Can Someone Collect SSI If They Are Receiving Alimony?

Can someone collect SSI if they are receiving alimony?


Yes, but it would depend on the amount of the alimony. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) can supplement an eligible person's other income up to a total of roughly $755 per month, although other factors can have an impact on the actual rate payable. Basically, though, if an individual is receiving alimony of less than $755 per month it's possible that they could still be eligible for SSI benefits.

Can My Brother Get A State Pension And SSDI or SSI?

I am submitting this on behalf of my brother who is deemed disabled according to Social Security guidelines. He worked for the state of Massachusetts the 22 and a half years. He only has a state pension, he's been tonight to receive any kind of SSI or SSDI until he takes his state pension. He is he is under 50. If htakes a lump sum he'll take a 20% hit for for withdrawing early and then another 10% because he'll have to file taxes as income. If he takes a monthly State Pension because he has 22 years of service can he still collect SSI for the difference?

When Would SSI Payments Start?

I have a SSI disability EOD question? I was told that benefits for SSI only begin the month after the application date (or a month after the protective filing date). Here is my question. Suppose you apply for SSI on August 1, 2017. Six months later, DDS approves your claim. They assign an exact EOD of August 1, 2017 (same as application date). Is your first SSI payment in Sept. or will it start from the month of August since the EOD was the 1st of the month?

What Should I Do?

I became disabled as a minor and started receiving Social Security benefits. They had my dad listed as the wage earner. My dad passed away in 2004 and when I print out my proof of SSI income it still has my dad's SS# above mine but yet is states beginning Jan., 2017 that I am on SSI. I was 17 when I became disabled due to my heart and I am now 46 and married. I am up for review and I am scared to death that I will lose my SSI and Medicaid due to my husband's income. I am lost!!! There is no way that I can survive without that SSI amount and my Medicaid. What should I do?