Supplemental Security Income

How Will Turning Age 62 Affect My Sister's Benefits?

My sister has been receiving SSI since being determined to be disabled in 2015. She will turn 62 in November, 2021.
How will this affect her benefits? (She worked on and off at low paying jobs, having had difficulty staying employed). She currently receives about $1200 a month and $120 in food stamps. (She lives in Staten Island with $800 a month rent for a studio apartment, so you can see why I'm concerned). Thank you for any info and advice you can provide.


What Can I Do?

I've been on SSI recently received a letter from Social Security stating that I had to come in and get on Social Security. So I did. As a result of making 3 dollars a.month to much money, I'm now left disabled with no medical help. What can I do? I'm already being paid below poverty level.


I wish I could help you, but I really don't know what to tell you. Social Security is my only area of expertise, so I'm not sure what other sources of assistance might be available to you.

Is SSI Counted As Income For Food Stamps?

I live in Mn. If I get ssi is that included in my income for food stamps?


I'm sorry, but I'm not an expert on the SNAP program so I can't answer your question. My expertise is limited to Social Security benefits. You may be able to find an answer to your question on the Department of Agriculture's website: ( are the SNAP income limits?), or you can check with the agency that handles the SNAP program in your area.

Best, Jerry

Will I Be Able To Receive Some Of My Ex's Social Security In Addition To My SSI Disability?

I am on permanent SSI Disability for years. My ex husband will soon be retiring and I do not have enough points to get my own. I am 63 years old. Will SSI allow me to acquire some of his SS when he retires. My SSI Disability also covers my medical expenses. I'm also on Section 8 Housing. We got a $7.00 cost of living increase. Now, $7.00 of my $15.00 increase is actually $8.00. I rarely have money for food. I'm looking forward to your reply.