Supplemental Security Income

Will I Be Able To Receive Some Of My Ex's Social Security In Addition To My SSI Disability?

I am on permanent SSI Disability for years. My ex husband will soon be retiring and I do not have enough points to get my own. I am 63 years old. Will SSI allow me to acquire some of his SS when he retires. My SSI Disability also covers my medical expenses. I'm also on Section 8 Housing. We got a $7.00 cost of living increase. Now, $7.00 of my $15.00 increase is actually $8.00. I rarely have money for food. I'm looking forward to your reply.


Are We Allowed To Use Proceeds From The Sale Of Our Home For Repairs And Upgrades To Our New Home?

Both my children receive SSI and we're just about to sell our home and downsize to something more manageable. It now looks like we're going to make more from the sale than anticipated and leave us with a surplus after we've purchased our new home. Knowing that we have 3 months to reinvest the money into housing, are we allowed to use the excess for home repairs and upgrades on the new place, or does the money all need to be spend in the sale itself? Concerned about the kids getting booted and losing their health coverage and trying to avoid a nightmare.

What Will Happen When I Apply For My Social Security?

Hi. I am 57 yrs old. I have not worked since 2008. My disability was approved in 2011.

My husband is still working and for the past severely years my disability check keeps going down. They say my husband makes too much money. I’m not sure I understand that. I only receive $367 per month. What will happen when i apply for my social security ?


Why Has My SSI Been Reduced To Zero?

I am 64 and have been getting SSI for 10 years. I recently applied for Soc. Sec. retirement
That is 497.00/month. SSI is 750.00
My husband hasn't been able to work due to a bad back for years and now at age 62 he filed for retirement. He will get 898.00
Soc. Sec. told me that I would still get SSI but it would be reduced some but I should maintain the SSI with retirement. I have medicaid with SSI and have a number of medicines I have to take.

Could My Spouse's Income Impact My SSI Benefit?

I am a 30 year that is currently on SSI and receiving $600 a month. I am looking at getting married but I am worried that marriage would impact my benefit. Does the spouses income impact my SSI benefit? In addition, I am finishing my degree and am hoping to gain employment next year. I was under the impression that if I do not receive employment then after 3 years the government would wipe out my student loan debt. Is this correct?


What Am I Allowed To Buy With My Son's SSI Back Pay?

My son just got accepted for SSI benefits and I am his representative payee because he's still a minor. He was diagnosed with ADHD.

I just recently received his first back pay in the amount of 2,200. I also received a letter stating that I can only use that money strictly on my son and it has to deal with his disability. I can't buy food or clothing for him etc because I have his monthly benefits to help me with that.

What Should My Father Do?

MY DAD has applied for SSI but not getting approved as he is showing the property in hi name in Virginia. we figured and spoke to the Person in Virginia who actually owns this property. He and my dad has the same name. just because of this reason SSI is not being approved. SS office is not helping when asked how to prove that they are 2 different people. The person in Virginia has written a letter confirming it is him and he is not same as my DAD. but SS office is not willing to take that.

Should My Sister Have Been Eligible For SSI Sooner?

Hello and thank you for your time. This is a two part question. These question pertains to my sister. She is 35 years old who lives in New York City . She was born mentally disabled. My father is a retired NYC firefighter who collects a disability pension.

Question #1: My sister has been receiving SSI since 2002. Shouldn't she have been receiving benefits sooner, possibly from birth? If so are benefits retroactive?