Supplemental Security Income

What Can I Do?

I was a housewife but divorced my husband of 32 years; he remarried. I took my SS at 62 because I was having a hard time financially. Using his earnings only changed my benefits by $35 a month. Now I'm earning pretty good money , but I have increasing troubles with my health and am nearing 66 years old. I never got off of the early retirement at SS and have had to pay them back some of the money when my earnings were increased, which is okay. After they take out my Medicare, I only get $188 a month from SS and that amount is used up by my supplemental and Part D.

Is My Girlfriend Eligible For SSI?

My 67year old girlfriend receives widow benefits: Question is, Can she also sign-up to receive SSI? She's disabled and the amount she receives from Social Security in widows benefits is not enough to live on.


By SSI, I assume you mean Supplemental Security Income, which is a needs based program administered by the Social Security Administration. You may want to try using the eligibility screening tool on SSA's website to see if she could qualify:

How Can We Get My Mother's SSI Payments Reinstated?

Hello Sir,

My mom was approved for SSI income and had been receiving it for over 2 years. My father became Ill in Mexico and she had tostay over with him for quite some time(1 yr on and off). Social Security found out anout it and have since put a stop payment on my mothers benefits. She is currently living with me here in Los Angeles as we hired a care taker for my father. What should we do to resume her benifits? Thanks for the help!


Is There Some Way To Get My Children Back On SSI?

My 2 disabled adult children are receiving DAC benefits. When my ex-husband passed away my childrens' SSI (735.00 + 22.10 ssp) decreased to 0.00 due to the DAC benefit (1,350) each that they get on the 3rd of the month being to high. This also made them ineligible for public benefit programs. As far as resuming SSI payment and public benefit programs is the only way to do is putting the DAC in a special needs trust or is there another way? I hate to see them lose entitlement to public benefits, entitlements, SSI, as it my have impact later in their lives. donna

Do I Need To Recontact Social Security?

I went to the soc sec office to report a change (someone moved out) and then I was told they were doing a redetermination for my son's SSI. I told them I didnt have the figures in front of me, I was guessing. When I got home and checked my figures were off (low) by about $130 for my sons share Do I have to go back into the ofc and do a new redetermination right away?


Can We Charge My Son For His Share Of Insurance Premiums?

My husband has private med insurance and my son gets ssi he's 21. My son gets Medi-Cal and the private med ins as part of his dad's (dependent til age 26)

I am his Rep Payee and our son pays share of cost to live with us. Can we also charge him for his share of the ins premium monthly?


I believe so, but I can't say for sure. You may want to check on Social Security's website:

Best, Jerry

Was Social Security Correct To Require Me To File At Age 62?

I was getting SSI when I turned ,62 years I was told I would no longer be able to receive SSI That I had to start drawing my SS.. Which means when I turn 65 I will get $250 less because I was forced to take it at 62 they saiid I could no longer get SSI. And at 65. I have to start paying for health insurance.I have a hard time now living.Im about to lose my home because of taxes.


How Will My Son's SSI Be Affected If He Receives Social Security?

Hi there Larry!-----Okay my adult child has been on SSI since he was 18 -he is now 46---- $735 is his normal SSI payment-my ex-husband only gets 1000---which would mean- (I suppose) that my son would get $500-that amount is lower than the $735 he gets now, can you tell me how that works? Also, I will be getting about 2,300 (approx) next year when I am 66-at that point can my son get me ex's 500 and my 1150 at the same time?---------One more thing, under these circumstances, does he get to keep Medicaid? Thank You so so much