Supplemental Security Income

Am I Required To Take Social Security Benefits Instead Of SSI?

SS recently took me off SSI because I turned 62, and placed me on spousal support. Now, I got a letter from the State saying I would also not be entitled to any state SSI, and, they told me I may loose my Medicaid as well. Was this a mandatory thing or SS rules that they had to take me off the SSI and put me on spousal support ? I asked them if this would affect anything else-like my Medicaid- and they said "oh no, you'll still be considered disabled." It doesn't appear that way to me.

Why Did My Disability Benefits Stop?

I had a Stroke when I was 59 years old. The supplimentle Security sent me to a docter and the docter deemed me to be disabled. They paid me $750 per month. I gave the V.A. the docters report and they paid me $1075 per month. When the Security found that the V.A. was paying me this they dropped my disability. I could not live on the V.A. benifit, so when I turned 62 I filed for S.S.I. and they pay me $580 per month.
So how come the disability was dropped because I'm a Veteran?


How Can We Maximize My Son's SSI Payments?

My disabled son is turning 18 soon and will qualify for SSI benefits. How can we maximize what he is entitled to and what is that monthly amount? Is there a resource online or in print to learn more about that? A disability consultant has offered to help but at a significant cost.


SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is a needs based benefit totally separate from the Social Security program, although the Social Security Administration is responsible for administering both programs.