Maximize My Social Security Software

Can the Software Consider Our Situation?

Hi, I am 65 and began taking social security at 62. My wife is 63 and has not begun taking it yet. She receives a state pension for her time working for a city government (not paying into ss in those years), but has also accrued some benefits in the private sector over the years qualifying her for social security (well under $2,000 per month). Should she earn more in the private sector over the next few years to beef up the ss benefit significantly? If so, how many months should she earn this higher income?

Can the Software Help Us if We've already Filed?

Hi, my wife and I already filed for SS at age 62 and 63 and collect/receive SS. We are both now 67. Filing early was a necessary, though not optimal income decision because of the recession, with health issues, kids still in school, etc. Can the software potentially help those who have already filed & receive SS, as neither of us has looked into or changed anything since our initial application and filing in 2011? Thanks, Ben

Social Security Says I Can't Do What Your Program Says

Hi Larry,

I am going to take Social Security in one month with your plan. They are telling me I can't do what you suggest file-suspend-restart. They also say I am foolish to take money now because that will freeze my benefit amount. You have my permission to look at your suggested plan in my account.

Who am I to believe?

Please Help!

best, Frank

Dear Frank,

Will Fixing Errors in My Earnings Record Increase My Benefits?

Will be 70 next month. I see my estimated benefit. my question is this? would the amount shown be any different if I were able to find some wage $$ errors/omissions ? I have worked since 1964 so the time frame is extensive for credits.. Before I apply as a delayed benefit (and I need to like ASAP) , I just want to be sure I couldn't tweak the benefit up. Thanks, Jan

How Can We Know Our Benefit Amounts at Different Dates?

I just turned 65 and filed for ss benefits and my benefit is 2210 with my fra being 2483. My wife turns 62 this year and her benefit at 62 is 379. I know she can get a spousal benefit we been married for 40 yrs. I just don't know how much she can get this yr. or how much she can get by waiting. Can you answer this for me. Thanks Thanks, Brian

At What Age Should I Buy the Software?

I am 57 thinking about collecting a widows pension at 60 - When should I purchase your software to decide when & which benefit I will file for - Mine, my ex's or my deceased first husband.... Thanks, Kathleen

Kathleen, there's no right time that applies to everyone. It depends on how much lead time you want and need with your planning. The $40 license is good for a year and we don't automatically renew it. You can renew it after a year or you can let it lapse and renew it later. Thanks, John

What Licenses Do I Need for Me and My Mother?

Hello, I would like to run the tools mentioned here for my mother and myself consequently, I'm not sure which license to buy: $40 Annual Household License or $250 Annual Financial Advisor License. My father has passed away, and would like to find out if my mother who continues to work part-time can obtain some benefits from my father's or other areas she can maximize her social security benefits. Thanks, Aida

Where Can I Get Your Software?

I am currently 54. I am trying to familiarize myself with the ins and outs of SS before I need to make decisions. As I was reading your answers you often refer to running the software. What is this software and where can I get it? I would also like to make an appointment with a professional to discuss my particular situation. How do I find an appropriate expert? What should their credentials include?
Thank you for your assistance,

Can Your Software Determine Benefits with a Younger Spouse and Child?

Hi Larry, I will start collecting full retirement at 66 next year and am married to younger woman of 40 years of age. We have an 8 year old daughter. I have read through all the regs pertaining to what we can qualify for but am still confused. Do I need to take my own calculations to the SS meeting or are they automatically calculated based on information I supply? Do I need to consult with an expert beforehand? Can the information from your software prepare me adequately? Would appreciate an answer. Thanks, Arturo