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How Does Your Software Account For Life Expectancy?

I listened to you on Josh Jalinski ...

You make the case to wait 'til 70 ... how do health issues and life expectancy factor into your counsel to 'be patient'?

Of course no one knows when they will die, but based on life expectancy tables, family history, and current health conditions, I expect to die 10 years earlier than average, likely in my early to mid-70's. Longevity isn't in my genes.

Would Your Software Show What Would Happen If My Wife Filed At Age 62 And I Filed For A Spousal Benefit?

I was born 7/9/55 and my wife was born 3/27/59, and I am the higher earner I'm wondering a what if she filed for SS at age 62 and I filed for a spousal benefit (after I was at FRA) at age 66.2 how would that compare to if I filed at age 70 and my wife at FRA 66.10.

Does your software show you the comparisons ?



Hi Joe,

Can You Help Me?

I tried to by your product but my country of residence was not listed. I have a specific question regarding WEP windfall and the affect it will have on my benefits and my German spouses. I will have 35 years combined payment into the Germand and US system. 21 years US and 14 years Germany. I really need your help and am willing to pay. Can you help me?


Does The Software Consider Disabled Child's Benefits When Evaluating Filing Options For The Parents? suggests "running the maximization software available on this website in order to explore all of your potential filing options." Does your software include/consider DAC SSDI benefits for a disabled adult child when evaluating filing options for the parents?

Do You Still Offer A Personal Advisory Service?

You used to have a personal advisory service where you would analyze and advise on individual situations. I think the cost was either $150 or $250. Does that still exist, and can I sign up if so?


Yes, we offer an 'Expert Review' option that includes a 1 hour phone consultation. For more information on that service, click on the purchase link at the top of this page.

Best, Jerry

Does Your Software Account For My Other Income Streams?

I have a decent nest egg and have an annuity with a guaranteed income rider that should pay me $1,000 per month in a few years (I'm 62). My wife is 61 and receives Native American Benefits. I had been thinking of claiming SS early because of the "break even". However, after reading the book I am re-thinking. My question-does the software account for the misc. income streams I've described and will it help indicate if the Native American benefits (some of which are non-taxable) would "fail" an earnings test.


Does Your Calculator Include SSDI For Disabled Child Calculations?

Does the calculator include SSDI for disabled child calculations? Will they be based on the higher earning parent only or will the benefit change once both parents retire?


Yes, our calculator can compute both Social Security disability benefits (SSDI) and disabled adult child's (DAC) benefits, as well as the combined benefit rate if a person qualifies for both types of benefits (i.e. dual entitlement). A person who is dually entitled can only draw the higher of the 2 benefit rates, though, not both.